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• June 25, 2010

Dutch design studios i29 interior architects recently has completed the interior project in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

i29 plusMOOD 03 595x421 Amsterdam interior project | i29 interior architects

Image courtesy i29 interior architects

+ Project description courtesy of i29 interior architects

This single-family apartment for four people is situated in a stately building in southern Amsterdam, NL. The original structure, with rooms for staff, a double hall and long hallways with lots of doors has been transformed into a spacious, transparent dwelling full of light and air.

i29 plusMOOD 05 595x421 Amsterdam interior project | i29 interior architects

Image courtesy i29 interior architects

A kitchen in combination with cabinets from floor to ceiling has laser-cut front panels, all spray painted white. This pattern results in a dynamic mixture of open and closed cabinets, the holes also function as integrated handgrips. The transparency of the object’s skin gives depth to the volume which is complimented by furniture like the Grcic chair one.

i29 plusMOOD 04 595x421 Amsterdam interior project | i29 interior architects

Image courtesy i29 interior architects

An atrium with open staircases brings natural light from a large roof light into the living area. Along the open staircase a wall of two stories high is covered with clear pine wood, and connects the two levels. Upstairs the master bedroom is situated next to a large bathroom with a finish of structured tiles from Patricia Urquola, glass, and wooden cabinets.

+ Project credits / data

Design: i29 | interior architects
Location: Rooseveltlaan, Amsterdam
Area: 150 m2
Contractor: Smart Interiors
Interior builder: Kooijmans interieurbouw
Material: grenenhout, witte epoxy vloer, wit spuitwerk, LG Himacs, glas
Furniture: Chair one, Magis Constantin Grcic / Loop stand table, Hay / Glo-Ball lights, jasper Morrison, Flos / maatwerk keuken & kasten
Photo: © i29 l interior architects

+ About i29 | interior architects

jaspar Jansen (1970) & Jeroen Dellensen (1972)

jaspar Jansen: Rietveld Academy
Jeroen Dellensen: School of Arts Utrecht

We are Jaspar Jansen (1970) and Jeroen Dellensen (1972) In ‘01 we joined forces and a year later i29 l interior architects was born, a creative and versatile interior design studio. Our aim is to create intelligent designs and striking images. Space is the leitmotiv,the result always clear, with a keen eye for detail. Our approach is practical yet based on strong ideas articulated in clear concepts. We try to get to the core of things but keep it looking simple. Our clients are open minded and involved. It is most important to us to enjoy the process together and to get everything out of it!

We are not alone in our voyage. In a short period of time many projects have been realized for a wide variety of clients, both private and business. We’ve been nominated several times for awards like the Rotterdam Design Award, dutch design awards, LAI awards and The Great Indoors award. We won the Dutch Design Prize for best interior design and The Great Indoors Award for best office design. Our projects have been published in (inter) national magazines and books.

jury rapport The Great Indoors Award 2009 / interior design firm of the year:
“The fact that this firm has been nominated twice before, in the categories Concentrate & Collaborate and Serve & Facilitate, illustrates the convincing power of the projects of i29 Interior Architects. In the jury’s eyes, this firm shows how capable it is of linking architectonic components with intensive studies of surfaces that gain maximum impact through the use of a colour or typography. This firm represents a method in which architecture and interior architecture come together in a model combination”.

jury rapport The Great Indoors Award 2009 / concentrate&collaborate: (office 03)
“Temporality and sustainability are concepts difficult to reconcile. This is an observation that certainly holds true for the interior, and raises an important question for the future, given that many interiors do not last longer than five years. This design for a temporary office seems to have formulated an answer to the call for identity and the demand for sustainability. With this simple manoeuvre, by which all individual elements are connected by the colour black and a simple zoning system, i29 Interior Architects formulates an intriguing answer to this demand, and presents an outstanding case study”.

jury rapport The Great Indoors Award 2009 / Serve&Facilitate: (school 03)
After years of disqualification based on typology, suddenly the school seems to be once again the focal point of interest of architects and interior designers. The level of interest has led to an interior architecture that revisits the interface of optimum education and an optimal spatial environment. The jury was deeply impressed by this project by i29 interior Architects and Snelder Architects, in which they see an extraordinarily mature touch that articulates a variety of spaces in a remarkably focused way. But at the same time, the interior manoeuvres used in this project demonstrated a focused specificity in both the unique furniture designs and the service of the school’s educational mission. The jury appreciates the way in which every aspect of the interior design was approached to produce a clear image vocabulary.

+ All images and drawings courtesy of i29 | interior architects

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