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• June 29, 2010

Lebanon-based design firm .PSLAB beirut recently has completed the Burgundy wine bar/restaurant in Beirut, Lebanon.

Burgundy PSLAB Beirut plusMOOD 04 595x841 Burgundy wine bar + restaurant | .PSLAB Beirut

Burgundy wine bar + restaurant, image courtesy .PSLAB Beirut

Burgundy PSLAB Beirut plusMOOD 09 595x420 Burgundy wine bar + restaurant | .PSLAB Beirut

Burgundy wine bar + restaurant, image courtesy .PSLAB Beirut

+ Project description courtesy of .PSLAB beirut

A lighting project for a wine bar/restaurant having a substructure of wooden arched beams cutting through a wire mesh covering the ceiling.

The setting of the space underneath the substructure is functionally divided into two sections: a bar area and a dining area.

Highlighting the dual function, the lighting objects are set on two parallel axes over these two sections.

Suspended from the arcs, each light object is a set of conical tubes conceived to fill a circular-shaped area. Clustering in the circle, the tubes start at the center; moving radially, they begin to deviate at an angle of 25 degrees to reach an angle of 45 degrees. This deviation renders a chandelier-like object, with a bottom curved outline opposite to that of the ceiling. The cluster of the tubes housing the bulbs creates an effect of a singular light source being filtered.

The entrance is lit by a set of black projectors also using the arched beams for fixation; the groove in the beams encloses the technical parts box, while the head of the projector is left loose to rotate shedding light in different directions.

+ Project credits / data

Design: .PSLAB beirut
Project: Burgundy wine bar/restaurant,
Location: Beirut – Lebanon

+ All images courtesy of .PSLAB beirut

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