“Geo Shade” + “Runner Table” at London Design Week 2010 | Duffy London

• August 23, 2010

UK-based studio Duffy London is launching their new “Geo Shade” and “Runner Table” at London Design Week 2010.

Geo Shade Duffy London plusMOOD 2 595x595 Geo Shade + Runner Table at London Design Week 2010 | Duffy London

Geo Shade, image courtesy Duffy London

Geo Shade

As the name suggests, this lampshade takes its inspiration from the Geodesic Dome, and in doing so takes advantage of the rigid structure provided by the faceted surface.

+ Dimensions: (H)22cm x (D)51cm, and it is available in black, red, lime green and white.
+ Price: £65
+ Product link: http://www.duffylondon.com/product_d/New-Products-C69/Geo-Shade-P217.html

Runner Table Duffy London plusMOOD 1 595x595 Geo Shade + Runner Table at London Design Week 2010 | Duffy London

Runner Table, image courtesy Duffy London

Floating Table! / Runner Table

This unique table creates the feeling of weightlessness, appearing to be supported by just a pair of runners draping off the edges. To achieve this illusion, subtly folded, thin steel legs run over the substantial walnut table top.

The walnut veneer is from Stewardship Council managed forests and other controlled sources and the table is designed and manufactured in The U.K.

+ Dimensions: (L)200cm x (W)90cm x (H)75cm, but bespoke dimensions (and finishes) are available.
+ Price: £2,000 (Promotional Offer: 32% off when bought with 6 Shadow Chairs)
+ Product link: http://www.duffylondon.com/product_d/New-Products-C69/Geo-Shade-P217.html

+ About Duffy London

Duffy London began in 2002 with Chris Duffy, a graduate of the University of Brighton, making and designing products in the kitchen of the flat he shared with his friend in London.

After the hundredth time of his flatmate complaining that his dinner was covered in saw dust Duffy London moved into a studio in east London, and became a genuine company in 2004.

Duffy London is an idea-based company, Some of our ideas run along similar themes and concepts, while others are completely different. When we gain access to new production methods this inspires us to take new directions and helps us to evolve our designs.

Once we have come up with the designs and prototypes, we work closely with our manufactures who have decades of experience necessary to turn these concepts into quality batch produced products.

Duffy London produce furniture, lighting and interior products which are designed mostly by Chris Duffy but he draws on the designers that work for him and his friends in the same industry for their assistance and contributions to the designs.

Our products are as environmentally friendly as possible, not for the feel good factor or to jump on the bandwagon, but because it makes practical sense. Manufacturing our products locally keeps communication between the designer and manufacture quick and simple meaning we can develop products far more swiftly than manufacturing abroad. This also cuts down on transport costs which are constantly on the increase, and which in turn cuts down on carbon emissions. We use recycled packaging which saves money and low energy light bulbs and electrics which last longer.

Duffy London has had the good fortune of being recognised by the press from the very beginning, appearing in most of the interior design magazines, newspapers and Sunday supplements across the world and even a few TV programmes!

Duffy London products retail on-line from this website and in many outlets in the UK and around the world.

Christopher Duffy, University of Brighton (BA Product Design 1999)

+ All images courtesy of Duffy London

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