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• August 1, 2010

Paul Kaloustian is an architect based in Beirut, Lebanon. He is a graduate from the GSD harvard and worked for Herzog and de Meuron. He has designed his own architectural practice office and the Chammas Chalet in Lebanon.

Paul Kaloustian plusMOOD project 1 05 595x395 Paul Kaloustian architect office + Chammas Chalet | Paul Kaloustian

Paul Kaloustian architect office, image courtesy Paul Kaloustian

+ Project 1

Project: Paul Kaloustian architect office
Location: Beirut, Lebanon
Area: 300m2

The new location of the office is in a former factory, in Beirut. The design intention is based on creating an airy and abstract space, using white as a unique color with repetitive fluorescent light on the parallel walls. The open space allows freedom and flexibility with lounges, work desks and a meeting room with lycra fabric as envelope. this experimental space features un-painted walls from the time of the factory, texts on parts of the walls, custom designed furniture and plants.

Paul Kaloustian plusMOOD project 2 05 595x402 Paul Kaloustian architect office + Chammas Chalet | Paul Kaloustian

Chammas Chalet, image courtesy Paul Kaloustian

+ Project 2

Project: Chammas Chalet
Location: Faraya, Lebanon

The interior of the chalet is simple yet powerful due to the idea of the zigzag roof designed to give the space a sense of tension and dynamism.

+ Architect: Paul Kaloustian

+ All images courtesy Paul Kaloustian

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  1. joseph says:

    This is really cool :)
    I want the same one!!

  2. dom says:

    woah fantastic! really nice! love it!

    for all the designers: check found it with stumble, also like this site!

  3. Flooring Pro says:

    Original design! Was amazed by the zig-zag ceiling approach. The only thing that I would change is the flooring, to hardwood ;)