PEDINI Introduces Dune Collection

• August 17, 2010

We featured PEDINI’s MAGIKA Collection in our previous post, and now, PEDINI recently introduces DUNE, one of the newest additions to its already distinguished line of kitchen models. DUNE represents an evolution of the popular kitchen island from a one-dimensional space used solely for preparing meals to an impressively versatile cooking envelope with 360° accessibility — well-suited for today’s multi-tasking lifestyle. DUNE’s trademark ‘Peninsula’, ‘Atoll’ and ‘Boomerang’ configurations are triumphs of ergonomic science in the kitchen.  A celebration of modern efficiency, Dune offers specially shaped, fully integrated storage, sink, cook-top, and dishwasher space in boldly compact solutions, ideal for entertaining friends and family while cooking.

Dune PEDINI plusMOOD 1 595x309 PEDINI Introduces Dune Collection

Dune Collection, image courtesy PEDINI

The DUNE line creates new geometries and accomplishes different tasks – characterized as much by its ergonomic solutions, ecological materials and ample choice of colors and finishes, as for its attractive forms. DUNE is a highly elastic collection constituted by dramatically curved and linear forms alike that may be seamlessly combined to offer incredibly unique solutions. This pioneering collection is fit for both tomorrow’s architectural demands and today’s ever more active and creative consumers.

Dune PEDINI plusMOOD 8 595x407 PEDINI Introduces Dune Collection

Dune Collection, image courtesy PEDINI

The DUNE line includes several ‘corner-less’ designs and is further distinguished by its meticulously conceived handle-less storage system, achieved using an ergonomic channel-groove on the inside top edge of PEDINI’s 23mm door/drawer panels (base units) or a minimal vertical aluminum profile (tall units). Expertly engineered drawers in the curved units allow PEDINI to offer this remarkable option while retaining its sleek, modern design.

Specifications of the DUNE line include:

  • Finishes: veneered walnut, matte lacquer, glossy lacquer
  • Worktops: stainless steel, decorated glass, quartz, corian, unicolor laminate
  • Doors: industry leading, 23mm smooth door,
  • Storage: encourages ergonomic movement, while maximizing storage capacity
  • Handles: integrated handle and groove

The designer of the DUNE collection is Domenico Paolucci.

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+ Image gallery courtesy PEDINI

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  1. kitchenguy says:

    Love these Pedini designs!!!

  2. [...] PEDINI has introduced Dune, one of the newest collections and has differentiated model kitchen. PEDINI recently introduced Dune, one of the latest additions to the ranks of already differentiated model kitchen. Dune is an evolution of popular kitchen island from one-dimensional space is used solely for preparing food to cook an impressive multi-purpose envelopes with a 360 ° accessibility – perfect for today’s lifestyle multi-tasking. trademark Dune’s ‘Peninsula’, ‘Atoll’ and configure ‘Boomerang’ is a triumph of science of ergonomics in the kitchen. A celebration of modern efficiency, Dune offers a special form, fully integrated storage, sink, cook-top, dishwasher and space in bold compact solution, ideal for entertaining friends and family while cooking.The Dune line creates a new geometry and completing tasks different – characterized as much by ergonomic solutions, ecological materials and many colors and finishes, due to an attractive shape. Dune is a very elastic collection forms based on the dramatic curved and linear equally possible seamlessly combined to offer a very unique solution. Collection pioneering architecture suitable for the needs of both tomorrow and today’s more active and creative line of Dune consumers. The include ‘corner-less’ some further design and differentiated by a carefully conceived system of dealing with less storage, achieved by using channels ergonomically-grooves on the edge 23mm above the door PEDINI’s / panel drawer (base unit) or a minimal aluminum profiles vertical (height units). engineered drawer expert in curved unit allows PEDINI to offer this option while still maintaining exceptional sleek, modern design.(via) [...]