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• August 7, 2010

Sticklight Michael Young plusMOOD 2 595x367 Innermost Sticklight | Michael Young

Innermost Sticklight by Michael Young, image courtesy Innermost

Designed back in 1997, by the renowned designer, Michael Young, the Sticklight has been a stayer. This cool form is so simple that it does not date and fits effortlessly in all different kinds of spaces.

As the design has developed, it is now able to be used in both exterior and interior environments and also comes with different types of bases so it can be stable outside.

Manufactured from Low Density Polyethylene (LDP), it can be recycled if ever required and also comes complete with T8 fluorescent lamp. The fittings can also be adapted to be used as pendant lights and clustered in a space.

Satelight is fortunate to be able to represent this lighting collection for the commercial market in Australia

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Company Name: Satelight Design Pty Ltd
Address: 96 Hudsons Road, Spotswood, Victoria, Australia 3015
Phone: +61 3 9399 5805
Fax: +61 3 9327 2596

+ All images courtesy Innermost

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  1. [...] Are also fond of installing floor lamps in your rooms or garden? You should start to love to because the Sticklight by Michael Young is cool enough to be in your modern home. Even though it was designed back in 1997, the Sticklight stayed on its position being one of the crowd’s favorite. It looks like an illumination glass blown items. Aside from being a stylish and elegant lighting system, the Sticklight is also an eco-friendly one. Manufactured from (LDP) Low Density Polyetylene, the Sticklight can also be recycled if needed. The Sticklight is not only a floor lamp but also a pendant lamp with the fittings it has. -via [...]