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• August 28, 2010

The Tree library02 595x420 The Tree library + Retro Tables | YS Studio

The Tree library, image courtesy YS-Studio

The Tree library

Is a cheerful bookcase that acts as a stand up lamp as well, with the form of the tree, it can stand as a bookcase, where each of its curve acts as a book shelve, standing on wooden open legs, wide open for book shelving as well.

The tree from is introduced in matt lacquered MDF, in cheerful colors with contrast to its wooden trunk.

Retro Tables 2 595x252 The Tree library + Retro Tables | YS Studio

Retro Tables, image courtesy YS-Studio

Retro Tables

Sometimes a bath needs just a little piece of warmness or have to have a little something new to look at, and still acting functionally.

Simple retro lines form two dynamic wooden tables, the S and Z tables. They can be used separately or assembled together performing variable functions according to their compositions. Just play retro and you get what you need.

Functionality is a main aspect of the design. Playing with the tables gives different forms; each is of a useful design with various sculptural forms.
It can be used as:
1. For putting oils, soap, books, towels….where there is no shelves.
2. Hanging magazines or towels.
3. Tavolino Table for the bath tub, where you can read your book and have your drink.
4. Decorative sculpture piece, where you can place a plant pot or flower.

Ergonomics for design are taken into consideration for the tight smooth retro lines give it a striking and high quality aesthetic appearance, as well as allowing all the comfort wishes to be elegantly fulfilled. Also they are not only a free standing functional item but leave their mark in the bath space in the same way as a central piece of furniture.

Material and finishes are chosen to be environmentally safe; the two tables are solid rubber wood, which proved to be sustainable and good for modern furniture.

  • very hard wood
  • minimal shrinkage
  • accept different finishes

As for the finish, water based finish which is becoming increasingly popular for the eco-minded wood workers.

  • Clearer than their solvent- based counterparts and stay that way overtime, thus ideal for light colored wood.
  • They dry quickly.
  • Clean up doesn’t require any smelly chemicals, just plain old soap and water.
  • They score very highly, in terms of toughness and scratch resistance compared solvent- based polyurethane.
+ All images courtesy YS-Studio

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  1. Magz says:

    Thanks for share this infomation :)
    nice design

  2. Matt Kennedy says:

    I really like the bookshelf shaped like a tree. I think it looks pretty cool with the top part in green and the base in a medium stain as pictured above. I wonder how it would look if the top piece and the bottom piece were both finished in a dark stain or in black. I am not always the fan of assymetrical furniture but the tree bookcase really looks like it would fit well in my apartment.