TOT Pavilion at ITU Asia in Bangkok Thailand by Apostrophy’s

• August 14, 2010

The TOT Pavilion participated in ITU Asia, the International Telecommunication Union fair. TOT is one of Thailand’s biggest telecommunication companies which has been developed into different parts of Thai society in many ways. The concept of the booth focused on Expressing the Network of TOT throughout Thailand which is about the work of the TOT company that has been done so far, the future of TOT, the telecommunication knowledge from their researches and its organization. The main theme to express this exhibitin is “Weaving the new world of communication”.

TOT Pavilion Apostrophy’s plusMOOD02 595x396 TOT Pavilion at ITU Asia in Bangkok Thailand by Apostrophys

TOT Pavilion, image courtesy Apostrophy's

As expressing the Thai network character, the pattern of Frogspawn and its connection to each other was used and translated into the design of the pavilion skin. The pavilion covered the area of 5 different zones which are Managed Services and ICT Solutions (MSIS), TOT Academy, Research&Development (R&D), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Mega Project zones.

TOT Pavilion Apostrophy’s plusMOOD21 595x350 TOT Pavilion at ITU Asia in Bangkok Thailand by Apostrophys

TOT Pavilion, image courtesy Apostrophy's

TOT Pavilion Apostrophy’s plusMOOD18 595x404 TOT Pavilion at ITU Asia in Bangkok Thailand by Apostrophys

TOT Pavilion, image courtesy Apostrophy's

The main structure of the pavilion is steel structure with a celluloid skin which expressed the idea of TOT network. The frogspawn connection was translated into celluloid sheets connected to each other. The production of the celluloid sheets was a digital fabrication process which aimed to reduce time and material consumption, and to save the energy in transportation. There were 3 of computer generated celluloid patterns which were produced in the local printing factory ( the same process as cutting CD covers etc. They are designed to be used in many other patterns by only changing the way of connecting to each other.The joint between the celluloid sheets are cable ties.

 TOT Pavilion at ITU Asia in Bangkok Thailand by Apostrophys

TOT Pavilion, image courtesy Apostrophy's

The material itself gave a very nice reflection. When the light was moving, the effect of the moving reflections occurred. This gave a very impressive lighting patterns on the pavilion skin.

TOT zonings;
1. Managed Services and ICT Solutions (MSIS)
This zone explained TOT services for the government, state enterprise, and private sectors for its network and devices installation and maintenance which had been trusted by many organizations office buildings such as Suvanabhumi airport, Jamjuree square building. The content was explained on an interactive table through motion graphics on a touch screen which the audience could play with or choose the motion graphics they wanted to see. From this, it created interaction among the audience.

2. TOT Academy
This zone explained different types of knowledge that TOT had produced such as workshops, seminars that are related to communication technology. The content was translated into motion graphics projecting on a big book screen. The audience could play with it by choosing or turning pages.

3. Research&Development (R&D)
This zone explained the telecommunication technology researches and development hanging on 9 columns on a dynamic form which led the audience from one to another to see and play. LCD screens were put on the columns to explain the work, together with some real products. A wifi vending machine was also created to put into this zone. The audience could put a coin into it, then the video showed up and a slip came out which contained both a username and password which the audience could use to log on to the internet.

4. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
This zone explain the CSR work of TOT through projecting motion graphics onto the model of Thailand map on different levels through telling a story of growing the future of children in different parts of Thailand such as using satellite school, TOT school, TOT young club activities. The story was explained by projecting green spaces on the areas that TOT activities went to, turning from dry and brown area into green.

5. Mega Project zones
This booth explained about the technology kind that is involved with urban lifestyles such as 3G, Wimax, Brand Cast IP. The design was a motion graphic playing in a model of 3 different living areas such as a high-rise building in the city center, a townhouse in a suburb and a resort in a rural area explaining activities in our current life that is driven by TOT communication technology. Also the video was projected on the screen hanging from the ceiling to explain the reflection of the city that is driven by the TOT technology network which can’t just be seen by eyes.

Many different types of designs, media and interactive processes were involved in this event, regarding the concept of each zone.

TOT Pavilion Apostrophy’s plusMOOD Layout 595x519 TOT Pavilion at ITU Asia in Bangkok Thailand by Apostrophys

TOT Pavilion - Layout plan, drawing courtesy Apostrophy's

+ Project credits / data

Project: TOT Pavilion
Organizer: AV Projects Co.,Ltd.
Creative/Design/Project Manager : Apostrophy’s the Synthesis server Co.,Ltd. + Embassy Co.,Ltd.
Interactive system: Apostrophy’s The Synthesis Server Co.,Ltd.
Equipment: AV System Co.,Ltd.
Construction: D63 Co.,Ltd.
Client: TOT Public Company Limited.

+ All images, drawings and description courtesy of Apostrophy’s the Synthesis server Co.,Ltd.

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