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• September 22, 2010

fivetimesone is a group of architects, designers and design madcaps from different sides, mostly based in the north of Poland. fivetimesone creates objects inspired by nature and strive to expose diverse traditions of European craftsmanship. During design processes and production fivetimesone takes care about the ecology.

Inspired by nature, diversity of places, people and cultures – we note what fascinates us and provide us an excitement.

While traveling, we often ask ourselves questions, we create the association in order to return with ready-made story. We process stories and images included in tales and say in a way proper for us.

Creative continuation of craftsmanship’s tradition, use of natural and organic raw materials and sustainable design are our priorities towards strengthening of the local tradition of global market.

We create our ideas together as a group of designers and implement them basing on long term experiences of different local manufacturers.


+ Design: fivetimesone

fivetimesone all 595x296 stONE + tONE Collection | fivetimesone

stONE + tONE Collection, image courtesy fivetimesone

+ The stONE collection

The stONE collection is the seats and seamless pillows made in 100% from natural merino wool. Just as a stone in nature, pillow is unique. Hand crafted has a unique design. The filling of pillows is a shaped polyester fibers, ensuring high flexibility and long-term usage. Wool, as a natural raw material is durable, insulates against the cold, is hypoallergenic. Breathes and does not accept dirt.

fivetimesone stONE No 5 595x446 stONE + tONE Collection | fivetimesone

stONE Collection, image courtesy fivetimesone

+ The tONE collection

The second tONE collection is about the color taken from nature. Existing in nature, separate groups of colors have moved to our products. fivetimesone has created a harmonious composition, which become a strong accent in the interior.

fivetimesone tONE No 1 595x446 stONE + tONE Collection | fivetimesone

tONE Collection, image courtesy fivetimesone

+ All images courtesy fivetimesone

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