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• September 16, 2010

Sprikk designed a new working environment for consulting agency YNNO. YNNO advises on innovative methods of working and the environments that support these. Their expertise follows the conceptions of the “new ways of working”. As their best reference sprikk planned the office that embodies these notions.

workplace sprikk plusMOOD 07 595x395 YNNO Workplace | sprikk

YNNO Workplace, image courtesy sprikk

Since their consultants spend more time at their client’s than in the office, YNNO asked for a workplace that functions as a home base rather than a conventional office. A working environment was created that suits the nature of the consultant’s way of working in which communication and networking play a vital role.

workplace sprikk plusMOOD plan 595x420 YNNO Workplace | sprikk

YNNO Workplace - LAYOUT PLAN, drawing courtesy sprikk

The floorplan is kept entirely open with the exception of two acoustically separated glass volumes. This stimulates free movement, spontaneous encounters and flexible uses while allowing for lots of natural light.

workplace sprikk plusMOOD 08 595x395 YNNO Workplace | sprikk

YNNO Workplace, image courtesy sprikk

In this open plan organically shaped birchwood structures were placed that form partitions, niches, storage spaces and bookshelves. By applying one material and a single construction method a coherent appearance of the space is created, that still offers a diversity of working places with gradations in open and closed character. The natural, haptic qualities of these birchwood structures form a contrast to the high-end communication- and presentation technologies that were applied throughout the space.

The wood structures contain a number of ergonomic workplaces that embrace daylight and offer a view to the outside. Settings for the concentrated individual as well as active collaboration can be found.

workplace sprikk plusMOOD 12 YNNO Workplace | sprikk

YNNO Workplace, image courtesy sprikk

A vis-à-vis setting for casual discussions is placed on a platform integrated into the wooden structures. Groups of up to eight people can work on projects and presentations in an acoustically well-balanced room.

workplace sprikk plusMOOD 04 595x395 YNNO Workplace | sprikk

YNNO Workplace, image courtesy sprikk

It is fitted with writable surfaces and high-end presentation equipment. Private meetings or presentations for clients are held in an acoustically separated room that offers a casual atmosphere and plenty of daylight.

workplace sprikk plusMOOD 03 595x395 YNNO Workplace | sprikk

YNNO Workplace, image courtesy sprikk

A free-formed wooden island, close to the printer and the archive, can be used for secretarial and administrative work but can also function as an open office desk space for the consultants. The most notable open working environment is the ‘guild’ table. This giant surface provides an active and communicative setting by its organic layout. For special occasions and company-wide presentations it can accommodate the entire staff.

Sprikk created a workplace that suits the client’s wish for a unique and exciting work environment that contributes to YNNO’s identity as a young and innovative company.

+ Project credits / data

Project: YNNO Workplace
Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Design: sprikk
Team: Johan van Sprundel, Max Rink & Klaas Kresse
Client: YNNO B.V.
Contractor: Steenland Interieurbouw B.V.
Photography: Edward Clydesdale Thomson

+ All images, drwaings and description courtesy sprikk | Photo by Edward Clydesdale Thomson

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  1. arcilook says:

    great idea for small offices and houses

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