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• October 2, 2010

Arcsine Architecture and Bellusci Design transformed a piano store with little curb appeal into a vibrant and engaging restaurant, fitting the bustling downtown Walnut Creek. The clients sought an inviting, modern environment to complement the globally inspired, locally sourced menu by Executive Chef Robert Sapirman.  Situated on a competitive street corner, the design needed to grab attention and engage passersby.

Vesu Restaurant Arcsin Bellusci plusMOOD 03 595x474 Vesu Restaurant | Arcsine Architecture + Bellusci Design

Vesu Restaurant, image courtesy Arcsine Architecture

Arcsine wrapped the building with a contemporary, wood-panel façade, complimented by a curving wall of frameless glass that entices pedestrians to look in and feel as if they are already inside.

Vesu Restaurant Arcsin Bellusci plusMOOD 16 595x474 Vesu Restaurant | Arcsine Architecture + Bellusci Design

Vesu Restaurant, image courtesy Arcsine Architecture

An Arcsine-designed canopy of FSC Certified Eucalyptus leads patrons from the entrance to the lounge and extends all the way to the back bar. Bellusci Design continued the contemporary motif, selecting furniture and interior finishes in a warm, monochromatic spectrum with plenty of texture.

Vesu Restaurant Arcsin Bellusci plusMOOD 09 595x475 Vesu Restaurant | Arcsine Architecture + Bellusci Design

Vesu Restaurant, image courtesy Arcsine Architecture

Combining these elements, Vesu wields a commanding presence—one that draws customers, welcoming them into an open, communal space that is simultaneously sophisticated, comfortable and warm.

+ Additional notes
  • The exterior wood panel rainscreen system is Prodema ProdEX
  • The rounded nature at the corner responded to context in downtown Walnut Creek – many of the buildings have radiused corners – but not in such a contemporary manner.  Further wrapping wood, glass and anodized aluminum felt like a nice way to push these materials slightly.
  • The Eucalyptus awning became a great way to capture attention to the entry and signage and also offer some comfortable compression as one walks into the space.  By letting this awning soffit complete an “S-curve” to a higher point, it opens up the space at the lounge area.  Allowing it to curve down at the back bar permits the exquisite grain and warmth of the wood to become the icon of the restaurant and lounge experience
  • The initial vision for the interiors was to be cool, calm and sleekly simple; with the warmth of the Eucalyptus being the comforting contrast.  When Bellusci Design joined the team following the commencement of construction, she adeptly added some softer touches and additional cool blues and greens to the space (specifically at the banquette seating areas and the furniture selections).
  • Eucalyptus panels from Exotic Hardwoods & Veneer
  • The bartop is Caesarstone “Pebble”
  • The bar bottle display is Formica “Black Micro Dot”
  • While the original flooring intent was to grind/polish the concrete slab, existing conditions would not permit this to really work – in the end a simple porcelain tile was used
  • Clients: Christopher Velez and Melisa Suitos, this being their first restaurant project
  • Custom concrete communal vanity was fabricated by Concreteworks
  • Wall tile in the lavatory area – Graniti Fiandre “Black Platinum Lines”
+ Project credits / data

Architecture and Interior Design: Arcsine Architecture
Interior Finishes and Furniture: Bellusci Design
Photographer: Sharon Risedorph
ProjectVesu Restaurant
Location: Walnut Creek, California, USA
Completed:  April 2010
Program: InteriorRestaurant

+ All images and description courtesy Arcsine Architecture

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