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• November 11, 2010

60/CH Wrist Watch is the latest creation by Christian Harrup Design. One of the main aims for the 60/CH wrist watch is to give the user a simple yet intriguing way to tell the time. It works using the same principles common in the analogue watch yet when not in use has no visible hands or symbols.

The flush steel case is precisely divided into 60 small rectangular slots representing the traditional analogue display and the simplest division of time .

Two hands concealed within are revealed only when the watch is illuminated. Red is used for the hour hand and white for the minutes. The Design aims to capture the essence of telling the time simply but in an abstracted minimalistic manner.

Aimed to be available in black, red and silver finishes.

+ Design: Christian Harrup Design | http://www.christianharrup.com/

christianharrupdesign plusMOOD 1 595x596 60/CH Wrist Watch | Christian Harrup Design

60/CH Wrist Watch, image courtesy Christian Harrup Design

+ All images courtesy Christian Harrup Design

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  1. Ben says:

    That’s a cool watch, I want one!

  2. jim says:

    Very cool watch. Where can i get one?