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• November 3, 2010

Kassen Lifestyle Creates the Definitive, Modern Cat-Scratch Post with Skiitch.

Kassen Lifestyle has has proved with the Skiitch that the modern lifestyle can finally coexist with the cats in your life, all without sacrificing modern aesthetics and great design.

The Skiitch cat-scratch post provides 28 inches of vertical and nine inches of horizontal scratching area, which is made from a specially laminated corrugate structure designed specifically to provide the ideal surface for scratching, as well as stretching.

Kassen Skiitch 1 plusMOOOD 595x728 Skiitch | Kassen Lifestyle

Skiitch, image courtesy Kassen Lifestyle

In addition, the corrugate structure is mounted on a 20-lb. cement base that eliminates all measures of instability, making it an irresistible target for your cats.

I designed the Skiitch based on a cats’ scratching behavior: They wanted to stretch and scratch, and they wanted an immobile yet tactile object to use. The cats rejected traditional, carpeted scratching posts, which also clashed with and sense of modern décor. The Skiitch, on the other hand, combines true Modernist design principles with real utility. The Skiitch cat-scratch post means it’s not too late to save your furniture.

Kassen Lifestyle‘s principle designer, Eric Fescenmeyer

The Skiitch is available for sale now. Each piece is handmade upon ordering, so each may vary slightly. Orders may be made at

+ About Kassen Lifestyle

Kassen Lifestyle is a design firm located in the Midwest, specializing in well-made and forward-thinking true Modernist pieces, with an emphasis on the Brutalist precept of finding the beauty in everyday materials. The pieces created by Kassen Lifestyle are designed in-house, then handmade with solid, time-tested methods of construction and a constant vigilance to its core principles.

+ All images courtesy Kassen Lifestyle

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