Airnova at Maison Objet

• January 22, 2011

If you are now in Paris during 21st – 25th January 2011, you might get a chance to take a look at Paris Trade show – Maison Objet. AIRNOVA is presenting some of the new designs in HALL 5B, area “COTE ACTUEL”, stand O13.

Elegance and glorification of detail: these are the guidelines for AIRNOVA that inaugurates the New Year in the Maison Objet Show in Paris. Much is new, starting with the stand, created to interpret a position in the fair that places the Company at the heart of the design world.

AIRNOVA is a craft industry, specialising in the manufacture of leather and metal chairs for furnishing. The innovation passes through experimentation in stitching, care in cutting and colour choice.  For the occasion a series of tables is presented which, in combination with the chairs, interprets the cultivated and fantastic luxury of French atmospheres. The models are characterised by contemporary lines and high quality materials, worked with modern but refined techniques with the expertness of craftsmen’s hands. The objective is to offer a quality product, totally Italian that does not hide its devotion to the international market.

Crocodile effect hide, glass, prime timber, are only some of the materials selected for Maison Objet.  A choice that also represents a tribute to excellence, an effort made for France that for AIRNOVA is a special market: a dialogue made possible by over ten years presence in the country, with the strength of a widespread sales network and the commitment of a company that invests in product availability and punctual delivery.

AIRNOVA explores the universe of French style attending the Parisian event with leather chair selections which combine comfort, functionality and elegance, coupled with tables made in exclusive finishes.

Airnova chaise longue LR 595x396 Airnova at Maison Objet

CHAISE LONGUE by Edy & Paolo Ciani

Design by Edy & Paolo Ciani

The base is in carbon fibre, the seat in soft white leather. Its sinuous lines seem to have been modelled in a wind tunnel, forming a chair that has the perfection of a sculpture.

Airnova Lulu LR 595x446 Airnova at Maison Objet

LULU by Ewa Bochen and Maciej Jelsky, Kosmos Project

Design by Ewa Bochen and Maciej Jelsky, Kosmos Project

A rocking chair with the structure in metal and the seat in leather, comfortable and cosy, for relaxing and contemplating: an object that, in a super-fast world, plays with an ancient function.

Airnova Elettra LR 595x793 Airnova at Maison Objet

ELETTRA chair by Lino Codato

HALLEY table with ELETTRA chairs
Design by Lino Codato
Airnova Technical Design Studio

An exclusive table, a minimalist sculpture that combines functionality and emotion, where the major volume of the base marries with the lightness of shape of the top. The monolithic appearance of Halley is softened by the Elettra chair entirely covered in white leather, with a high and curvilinear back. Natural and lacquered wood, leather: materials for contemporary lines, shapes designed for timeless spaces in which quality and aesthetics are two faces of the same coin.

015 gemclassic 595x365 Airnova at Maison Objet

GEM table

Airnova Elisa LR 595x793 Airnova at Maison Objet

ELISA chairs

GEM table with ELISA chairs
Airnova Technical Design Studio

A journey that takes us from Florida to Brazil: in these countries Ziricote is widespread, an exotic and precious timber, featured by rich graining and warm shades, used in making Gem. Every veneer is unique and unrepeatable, cloaking the table in exclusivity. The Elisa chair matches it well, in natural prime leather, a comfortable and cosy seat and refined details and stitching. Two products that best express Italian design.

Design by Ian Sabro

The hide completely envelopes the steel core of the chair, outlining its contours: this is the technical detail. The high geometric back: this is the originality of the design..

CARLOMAGNO table with PATCHWORK chairs
Design by Lino Codato
Airnova Technical Design Studio

A table with a strong personality and presence that becomes part of sophisticated environments: houses with important spaces, but also administrative offices or meeting rooms.  The rectangular top in black walnut is supported on solid wooden legs. An unexpected lashing of colour comes from the tones of the Patchwork seat: the covering is made from small cuts of hide stitched together, of harmoniously matched colours like the traditional Anglo-Saxon quilts.

CARLOMAGNO table with AISHA chairs
Design by Lino Codato
Airnova Technical Design Studio

The exceptional transparency of the extra-light glass top, combined with the white-lacquered solid wood legs, captures attention with the interesting effect of the spectacular transparency.  Aisha goes with it, a classic chair revamped by innovative stitching, whose steel frame is entirely covered by the finest purple-coloured crocodile effect hide. It is a combination that furnishes an environment with the emblem of the most refined luxury.


A craft industry, specialists in the production of leather and metal chairs for furnishing: this is AIRNOVA. The Italian economy more than any other has been able to generate a category of manufacture that marries craft quality with industrial production. In Italy the know-how has not been lost along the road of industrialisation, but in handing down from father to son it has been channelled into the many small firms that are scattered across the industrial landscape.

Handwork has not always been replaced by machinery. This principle is very much the case with leatherwork: in AIRNOVA the valuable skills of the craftsman are the basis of the added value that characterises the products, and are exploited within the company organisation. Leather furniture requires extreme quality of materials and finishes. Innovation is by way of experimentation with stitching, careful cutting, colour choices: not different from high fashion. AIRNOVA has transposed the art of the shoemaking into the furnishing world.

Founded in 2000 from the multi-decade experience of the owner in the furniture sector, in particular in leatherwork for furnishings, AIRNOVA today is one of the largest set-ups in northeast Italy in the sector that produces chairs in leather and metal.

Flexibility, speediness, and possibility of being tailor-made: these are the characteristics of the factory.  Highly specialised personnel, motivated, dynamic, ready to listen to customer needs: this is the strength of the company. The result is an offering that marries the original catalogue offerings, developed by a group of young designers, with the great ability to create made-to-measure products, which AIRNOVA propose to the world of architects.

Although the production was initially concentrated on the residential sector, in fact today the company addresses with benefit the contract sector, with chairs for both the medium and high end of the market.

Research and experimentation with new technologies applied to production processes – all rigorously produced in Italy, together with precise testing of the materials used, always guarantees a high quality product. The knowledge acquired in the international market ensures our clients maximum service in terms of quality, delivery and assistance.

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