Exhibition stand InventDesign, Horecava 2011

• January 2, 2011

In January 2011 Horecava will take place in RAI Amsterdam. Horecava is the largest trade exhibition for the restaurant, hospitality and catering industries in the Benelux region. Over 500 exhibitors will participate in the trade exhibition. The renowned theme ‘Worlds’ is enjoying a makeover to create additional space for meeting new relations and exchanging experiences. Within the ‘Worlds’ theme, a special place will be reserved for startling enterprises. InventDesign, a young and promising Dutch company specialized in sustainable, innovative (dynamic) LED lighting will show its potential at Horecava.

STAND INVENT DESIGN 001 595x378 Exhibition stand InventDesign, Horecava 2011

Image courtesy Chris Collaris Design

InventDesign asked architect Chris Collaris to design an exhibition stand which shows the full potential of the entire product ensemble in led lighting. A great diversity of technical options regarding LED lighting will be shown to the public on a hanging façade. The hanging façade marks the exact stand space area which is provided on the floor underneath. By lifting up the customized LED products to a higher level, the exhibition space plan underneath becomes completely open. This provides space for meeting and service exchange at the floor level, with an integrated lounge area. On the inside and outside, the hanging façade will accommodate different LED products and configurations. This makes it possible to show two different experiences in lighting with one physical element. In this way the exterior part of the façade can be used for branding, and the inner wall can be used to provide the lighting atmosphere of the actual exhibition space.

STAND INVENT DESIGN 004 595x446 Exhibition stand InventDesign, Horecava 2011

Image courtesy Chris Collaris Design

Dynamic LED Lighting, Flexible LED screens, LED dot panels, wall washers, even interactive LED lighting will be shown at the exhibition stand. The increasing range of LED applications is due to its high potential of durability. LED lighting has an exceptional longer lifespan compared to a traditional light bulb and is a much more economical solution in energy consumption, making the investment in LED lighting interesting. In addition, the production and consumption of LED lighting is much less damaging to the environment than traditional lighting. For these qualities which emphasize sustainability, architect Chris Collaris and InventDesign made a design which will be reused and recycled for 99% after Horecava 2011. In this way, the production of waste will decrease to a maximum when the exhibition stand will be dismantled.

The exhibition stand of InventDesign can be visited from 10 until 13 January 2011 at Horecava in RAI Amsterdam. A free ticket can be requested by sending an email to info@inventdesign.nl or info@chriscollaris.nl

+ All images and drawing courtesy Chris Collaris Design

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