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• January 11, 2011

Might many people sympathize if a series of daily acts that we see and feel around us were place on design? MOT is a hanger that paid attention to an act of nailing. We can see in many case around us that it is not well nailed but bent.

MOT Jongho Park plusMOOD 4 595x773 MOT Hanger | Jongho Park

MOT, image courtesy Jongho Park

MOT is reflected an act of our daily life to design so it could lead consensus among design and its user for communication.

This project shows design for environment of design that can form a consensus by sharing our thought with the world rather than the design of design. Everything that we easily see, hear and experience around us can be the starting point of design.

MOT Jongho Park plusMOOD 2 595x949 MOT Hanger | Jongho Park

MOT, image courtesy Jongho Park

And its users experience a feeling of familiarity through this design and have emotional consensus with design unconsciously.

+ Designer: Jongho Park |

+ All images courtesy Jongho Park

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