Mountains & Opening House + “Dragon Beard”

• January 27, 2011

Do you still remember the “Mountains & Opening House” designed by EASTERN design office that we’ve featured last year? It is a house and studio for a Japanese sneaker brand “Dragon Beard“. Designed with the philosophy of the brand “Dragon Beard“, the architecture is on a hill above the land where the business carries had started, standing aloof as if it is challenging into the sky like the dragon flying over the town.

Mountains Opening House EASTERN design office plusMOOD 05 595x396 Mountains & Opening House + Dragon Beard

Mountains & Opening House for Japanese sneaker brand "Dragon Beard"

DB final 595x783 Mountains & Opening House + Dragon Beard

+ Design statement by Shinji Saitou

I am going to tell you about Dragon Beard sneaker and a silent samurai. Dragon Beard is a sneaker brand name in Japan. I well understand that the history of this company is rather new compared with other world famous sneaker brands.

Richness, the trend, mode, coolness or other such copies are not in their mind when they have started their business.

This notion is similar to the spirit of samurai living without any faith to God or Buddha, nor the enlightenment he would not have.

It is only the strong will to fight with the conviction of winning the duel to come.

He sees clouds in the sky when he walks, and follows the dragon that will appear in times coming and going through the clouds.

What you could hear from it is only your footsteps. The swing of Dragon Beard overlaps with the spirit of samurai. It is the strong will that would not yield to power. He just walks leisurely in silence.

DB final 2 595x677 Mountains & Opening House + Dragon Beard

DB mens FUDGE A R 595x843 Mountains & Opening House + Dragon Beard

Everyone wants to be what he should be in nature.
The rappers sing incessantly on a street corner.
Wishing to be as close as the truth, the guitar is strumming on a street corner.
I am walking in silence like a samurai who is looking for the best possible non-serious manner to fight.
I am thinking of the samurai and his footsteps.
Then coming to my eyes was the cloud in which dragon is appearing and disappearing.
I found the way of my destination in it, then my mind and that of dragon became into one.
When I can see my own motion in an actual slow motion, I can see the Dragon.
I just want to walk while fooling of any ready-made theater drama.

DB 4 160x160 Mountains & Opening House + Dragon BeardDB 2 160x160 Mountains & Opening House + Dragon BeardDB 3 160x160 Mountains & Opening House + Dragon Beard

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