001_The Theatre_Of_Floating_Garden_WE_ARCHITECTURE

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001_The Theatre_Of_Floating_Garden_WE_ARCHITECTURE

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  1. sheila reyes says:

    the concept is really nice. the theatre really floats. and transparency from the inside was achieved. it really looks nice during night time, maybe because of the white color and large see-through windows plus the effects of so many lights inside makes it very elegant. I wonder how it would look like during the daytime. probably most of the events will be held during night time. the center main stairs going to the entrance looks like waterfalls. maybe because of the airbrush rendering effect? in actuality, it would be great if they can use those type of lights that can produce those type of effect as shown in the photo.

    overall, in my own rating – i give it a 100 percent score!

    more projects for you to come! keep it coming! :)

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