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• February 26, 2011

London-based architecture and design firm Sybarite has recently created the Archetto bench for Pitti Uomo Buyer’s Club in Firenze, Italy.

MR Pitti Archetto  Sybarite plusMOOD 3 595x396 Archetto | Sybarite

Archetto, image courtesy Sybarite

+ Project description by Sybarite
MR Pitti Archetto  Sybarite plusMOOD sketch 595x444 Archetto | Sybarite

Archetto - Sketch, drawing courtesy Sybarite

The brief was for a communal seating area which would make the best use of a small space in a unique and aesthetically pleasing way. The response is a sculptural form whose fluid ‘bow’ shape not only maximises seating capacity, but also gathers people together, encouraging conversation and sociability. The back of the structure sweeps up from seating height to form a screen, allowing a degree of privacy without creating a barrier. Avoiding abrupt edges which might make it feel closed off, the seat wraps around itself, inviting newcomers to sit down and join the conversation.

Archetto is constructed of foam which is CNC milled from a CAD-CAM file to ensure precision cutting, then finished in white flowcoat, a GRP lacquer similar to that used in yacht building. It’s light weight and constructed in five pieces, making it easy to fabricate and transport. Multiple power points set into the stainless steel skirting ensure connectivity and make it perfect in a showroom setting. The design would easily transfer to bars, restaurants or residential projects as well as breakout spaces or meeting rooms in offices. Optional PVC-upholstered cushioning maintains a sleek look while enhancing comfort in a lounging situation.

MR Pitti Archetto  Sybarite plusMOOD 3D 595x262 Archetto | Sybarite

Archetto - 3D view, drawing courtesy Sybarite

MR Pitti Archetto  Sybarite plusMOOD 5 595x893 Archetto | Sybarite

Archetto, image courtesy Sybarite

+ Project credits / data

Project: Archetto
Client: Pitti Uomo Buyer’s Club (Firenze, Italy)
Architect: Sybarite (London, UK) |
Manufacturer: Marzorati Ronchetti (Cantù, Italy) |
Completed: January 2011
Photographer: Federico Ambrosi

+ All images and drawings courtesy Sybarite

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