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• February 18, 2011

Office A Takeshi Hamada plusMOOD 10 Office A \ Takeshi Hamada

Office A, image courtesy Takeshi Hamada

Takeshi Hamada has completed the interior design “Office A“.

+ Project description by Takeshi Hamada

Key word
Interior design, Adaptable Office

This is a law office planned in the first floor in social building, located in the suburb of Osaka.

The concept of this plan is “Adaptable Office”.
There are a lot of situations, and no exception for law office.

For this business, it is necessary to meet with a lot of divergent clients and the number of clients is different. And sometimes, it’s required to talk about serious topics such as law counseling and debt, and by this reason, it’s better to have space that we could relax at the room.

Office A Takeshi Hamada plusMOOD 6 Office A \ Takeshi Hamada

Office A, image courtesy Takeshi Hamada

Planning Point
(1) I chose solid woods for furniture and floor so that clients could relax in the office. And the wall and ceiling are painted “white”. I tried to create simple and soft space.

(2) I didn’t design lighting only from one direction, but set up some lights with low color temperature and planned that we would change the brightness of the lights depending on the situation.

(3) I considered that we would deploy furniture freely by using movable casters on all tables and shelves. Therefore, we could make office layout freely, not limiting office space by the deployment of furniture.

(4) We could create divergent office scenes by mixing the deployment of furniture and lighting pattern that I mentioned above, and the office would be adaptable to daily work functionally. I call the office “Adaptable Office”.

Office A Takeshi Hamada plusMOOD 13 Office A \ Takeshi Hamada

Office A, image courtesy Takeshi Hamada

Meeting Space
The floor and table are both made of solid oak.
The above picture shows usual deployment of furniture.

the deployment of large space for large meeting.
By moving shelves and tables, the office can be adaptable to the large meeting with many people.
The furniture has a caster and a woman can move it easily.
Three directional lighting make people calm.

Office A Takeshi Hamada plusMOOD plan 595x395 Office A \ Takeshi Hamada

Office A - Layout plan, drawing courtesy Takeshi Hamada

+ Project credits / data

Architects: Takeshi Hamada |
Project: Office A
Location: Neyagawa City, Osaka, JAPAN
Construction: April 2010 – May 2010
Floor Area: 54.50 m2

+ All images and drawings courtesy Takeshi Hamada

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