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• March 13, 2011

Australian lighting designer ilan.el has created this pendant light Kah-du Collection.  The kah-du collection features hand crafted lampshades based on a mathematical composition of a high-impact pattern. Its invasive effects are irresistible, and while intriguing, also visually striking.

These bespoke pieces appear to be ‘breathing’ and give the impression of movement and depth, reminiscent of the Op Art movement of the 1960s.

Kah-du offers a bold sculptural presence and is a perfect statement to any modern space.

+ Designer: Ilanel design studio | ilan.el | http://www.ilanel.com

Kah du Ilanel  plusMOOD b1 600x1018 Kah du Collection | Ilanel design studio

Kah-du Collection, image courtesy Ilanel design studio

Kah du Ilanel  plusMOOD w3 600x800 Kah du Collection | Ilanel design studio

Kah-du Collection, image courtesy Ilanel design studio

+ About ilan.el
ilan.el  600x800 Kah du Collection | Ilanel design studio

image courtesy Ilanel design studio

ilan.el is one of Melbourne’s newest innovative lighting designers. He graduated from the School of Architecture in Tel Aviv University and after running a multi-disciplinary design studio in Tel-Aviv, Ilan was lured to Melbourne and joined the Masters program at RMIT University.

Experiential illumination is his passion and he designs with philosophical awareness and the enjoyment of the spatial relationships light creates with environments. Many of his designs are interactive, contemporary and playful, making them whimsical and engaging of one’s inward eye. His unique understanding of people and spaces, as well as his ability to work in a huge variety of materials, makes him excel with bespoke briefs such as The Pose installation, he designed for the EveryBody Health Club and Radiant Rain over the bar at AKA to name a few.

ilan is the creative engine behind ilanel d.s. The studio specialises in the design and production of bespoke lighting. Ilanel d.s offers a collection of highly distinct designs to illuminate a wide variety of spaces from hotels, restaurants and clubs, to communal office spaces and homes.

The studio has clients both large and small and has extensive involvement with projects world wide.

+ All images courtesy Ilanel design studio

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