The Winners of ONLY FOR WOMEN 2011 by Area Declic

• March 31, 2011

ONLY FOR WOMEN 2011 The Winners of ONLY FOR WOMEN 2011 by Area Declic

Further to our announcement of design competition ONLY FOR WOMEN third edition last year, Area Declic is pleased to announce the winners of ONLY FOR WOMEN 2011, INTERNATIONAL DESIGN AWARD. The winners will be awarded during the Milan International Furniture Show, on Sunday, April 17, 2011 at stand Area Declic at 3 p.m.

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This year one hundred and forty-two designers have given voice to their creativity by submitting their designs to North and South America, Japan, Europe, North Africa, Russia and all over the continent.

In addition to the northern areas, the provenience from Mediterranean area has been consolidated with appearances from the Mediterranean from Turkey, Greece, Spain and Italy, and Eastern Europe with participants from Ukraine, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania and Hungary. Among these, excluding the leadership of Italy, Spain and Russia, they emerged in the number of accessions, configuring two epicentres of interest. Also interesting is the fact that Italy is represented from north to south without a Milan pre-eminence. As for training, there are above all professional architects and designers and they are comparable. In addition there are about twenty students, a decorator, a craftswoman and an artist.

Please note that ONLY FOR WOMEN, in addition to money, offers a real opportunity to join the team of Area Declic designers because, annually, it is put into production one of the projects submitted. The jury, composed by Tiziano Vudafieri, Arianna Malagoli and Mirko van den Winkel, aside from the owners of the company, has unanimously decided:

Sara Passalacqua 1 prize Circle Line 600x440 The Winners of ONLY FOR WOMEN 2011 by Area Declic

CIRCLE LINE, image courtesy Area Declic

1st prize: 1,500 €
Sara Passalacqua with CIRCLE LINE, a family of objects whose appearance is close to the identity of the production by Area Declic: visual lightness, simplicity of construction, functionality. It is a contemporary interpretation of traditional cantilever chair made of bent tubular and grid. The ability to compact chair, stool, and coffee table makes it a winner product.


Kazuko Okamoto 2 prize  600x329 The Winners of ONLY FOR WOMEN 2011 by Area Declic

FOLD, image courtesy Area Declic

2nd prize: 1,000 €
Kazuko Okamoto with the table FOLD, a project close to the identity of Area Declic, either as formal as possible constructive solution. Simple only in appearance, it allows unusual aggregations thanks to the top shape. It is functional as a removable and stackable. Original, it is also characterized by discrete and refined image.


Van Heel Serowiec 3prize Passo di due 600x831 The Winners of ONLY FOR WOMEN 2011 by Area Declic

PASSO di DUE, image courtesy Area Declic

3rd prize: 500 €
Van Heel & Serowiec with the folding chair PASSO di DUE that, innovative in its finishes, recalls the functional beach chair, reinterpreted in materials responsive to Area Declic – grid and metal pipe. The thinness of the structure and the practicality of the object are the characteristics that approach it to the company’s identity.

There will be honoured with an honourable mention:

Anna Ojajarvi with ROUGH PALE FAMILY, family of chairs that captures the formal language of contemporary life. Irregular structural elements become modules to compose the entire collection, whose components are removable and stackable: a rational approach to an original result in the form and concept.

Anne Sofie Lefèvre with ACQUA CALMA, a chair interesting in the shape and rational construction. The distinctive pattern that modulates the plate and lighters it; the reduction in the number of building components is remarkable. Designed for public and transit spaces, robust and easy to clean, it plays this role in a rational manner.

Anna Vestrucci with DIVA, a very communicative item. The curvy shape and deformation of the printed sheet are significant formal features of this chair, particularly successful in the armchair version. Evocative of a model of chair typical of the fifties, which reads and interprets it with relevant materials and finishes.


Promoting a competition of Design addressed exclusively at women’s designer can be considered an innovation or partiality? How to place ONLY FOR WOMEN INTERNATIONAL DESIGN AWARD within the Design world? Area Declic sees in ONLY FOR WOMEN an opportunity to explore their identity through the sensibility of women; the answer is always massive and unexpected, evoking the emptiness of the few opportunities offered by the industry to the creativity of women.

The collection of Area Declic includes already many products designed by woman. Among these worth mention “Lace” and “Sunny”, chairs designed by the Friulian designer together with Roberto Foschia, “Gino”, the clothes hanger of Francesca Petricich, another local talent, and “Belt”, stool designed by Cinzia Mondello together with Ettore Tricarico, Knit Knot, outdoor chair and armchair designed by Alessandra Pasetti.

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