Being Development launched 6 prefabricated modular homes in The Netherlands

• April 27, 2011

The Dutch supplier of prefabricated modular homes – Being Development, has recently launched 6 being homes in The Netherlands. Designed by Nanne de Ru from Powerhouse, the homes are produced off-site, thus reducing waste (only 2% of waste can’t be recycled), high efficiency and offering the contractors a healthy environment to work in.

Being Home plusMOOD type diagram 600x154 Being Development launched 6 prefabricated modular homes in The Netherlands

6 Being Homes - Diagrams, courtesy Being Development


Real estate company Being Development has created a new approach to building a home. With the introduction of Being Home, it is now not only possible, but easy to realise your own dream home. Being Home offers high-quality, innovative modular design homes that are sustainable, affordable and easy to adapt to everyone’s needs and preferences. The search for your perfect home starts at Being Home and ends with coming home.

Achieve your dream house by discovering what you really want in a home. Together with Being Development, you determine exactly what your ideal home will look like, where it will be located, and what your possibilities are in terms of budget. The Being Homes are stylish and cleverly designed, and use high-quality and sustainable materials. Whether it’s a charming and stylish house you’re looking for, or a house surrounded by nature with a covered outdoor area, or a single-storey design home with a gorgeous view, with a Being Home, you can make your dream home a reality.

The six Being Home designs form the starting point for your dream house. The first three models: The XS Villa (62 m2), The Patio House (82 m2), and The Terrace House (144 m2) are currently being presented, and the remaining designs will follow soon. Clients have the option of adapting the interior and exterior of these homes to their own personal preferences. Together with renowned interior designer Dan O’Kelly, you can design the interior of your home. Architect Nanne de Ru of the Powerhouse Company will help you create the exterior. Being Development supervises the realisation of your dream house, from design to permit, and can even help you find the right plot of land upon request. The design phase ends with the presentation of the final design for your dream house.

Once the plot has been purchased, the house has been designed, and the permits have been officially issued, the production process can start. Your house will be designed and produced in modular form, so that it may be assembled quickly and efficiently on location.

During the production phase, the plot is prepared for the installation of the house. The total process will take no longer than four months, which is much faster than the construction of a traditional house. Your dream house will now be the place you truly come home to.

+ 6 homes type
Being Home 1 The XS Villa  exterior plusMOOD 600x391 Being Development launched 6 prefabricated modular homes in The Netherlands

The XS Villa, courtesy Being Development

01. The XS Villa (64m2)
The XS Villa is a charming house, with a warm, natural look, suitable for use as a holiday home, guest house, office and more. The use of ample natural light and careful workmanship results in a timeless design, with a comfortable and stylish character.

Being Home 2  The Patio House exterieur plusMOOD 600x373 Being Development launched 6 prefabricated modular homes in The Netherlands

The Patio House, courtesy Being Development

02. The Patio House (82m2)
Authentic materials such as wood give the Patio House a very natural look. The design is intended to bring nature closer through the creation of a private, enclosed outdoor area and an abundant use of glass.

Being Home 3 The Terrace House exterieur plusMOOD 600x391 Being Development launched 6 prefabricated modular homes in The Netherlands

The Terrace House, courtesy Being Development

03. The Terrace House (144m2)
The Terrace House is a single-storey design home with a functional and lively character. The large sliding glass door connects indoors to outdoors. With room for three bedrooms or offices, the Terrace House facilitates multi-functional use of the building.

Being Home 4 The Vide House exterieur plusMOOD 600x337 Being Development launched 6 prefabricated modular homes in The Netherlands

The Vide House, courtesy Being Development

04. The Vide House (175m2)
The Vide House is a unique design home which incorporates a tasteful interplay of space and light. The two-storey design has a modern look, yet also incorporates classical references and authentic elements. The Vide House fits well within both rural and urban settings.

Being Home 5 The Loft House exterieur plusMOOD 600x337 Being Development launched 6 prefabricated modular homes in The Netherlands

The Loft House, courtesy Being Development

05. The Loft House (220m2)
The Loft House is a spacious design home with a modern look. From the inside, one has the sense of being in a metropolitan loft, even though any natural setting will bring out the beauty of this house. There are various options for adapting the Loft House to suit specific preferences.

Being Home 6 The Grand Patio exterieur plusMOOD 600x355 Being Development launched 6 prefabricated modular homes in The Netherlands

The Grand Patio, courtesy Being Development

06. The Grand Patio (288m2)
Understated luxury, smart design and inspirational spaces are a few ways to describe the features of the Grand Patio. Light, comfort and quality come to life in this sustainable villa that may be adapted to suit your personal preferences.

+ About Being Development

Being – Building ecologically ingeniously – designs and develops sustainable real estate. This innovative company is an initiative of the entrepreneurs Dirk Dekker and Bas van Dam. Being Development focuses on the consumer market with affordable, sustainable design homes and takes a creative approach to developing sustainable properties within the real estate sector.

+ Biographies

Bas van Dam
Founder, and co-owner of Being Development. After having gained a diverse range of experience at Cumberland AG, Club Rain Amsterdam and Blue Blood, Bas joined the Board of Directors at United Development Company where he was responsible for the development of commercial and residential real estate in the United States. His next step was to become a member of the Board of Directors of United Investment Company, a firm with investments in the real estate, fashion and yacht-building industries. The drive to achieve relevance within the real estate sector ultimately resulted in his return to entrepreneurship.

Dirk Dekker
Founder, and co-owner of Being Development. After completing his degree in Business Sciences, Dirk gained experience with change management issues at Boer & Croon. Dirk also serves as a member of the Board at the commercially oriented non-profit organisation Return to Sender.

The change management challenges of evolving towards a demand-driven market and how to make sustainable building affordable inspired Dirk to make the move towards entrepreneurship.

Nanne de Ru
Co-founder of Powerhouse Company, Nanne de Ru graduated from the Berlage Instituut in Rotterdam in 2002. He then worked at renowned architect Rem Koolhaas’ AMO/OMA firm for two years.

Nanne’s work has been published worldwide, and exhibited at major museums such as the Guggenheim (NYC), Maxxi Museum (Rome) and the Cooper Hewitt Museum (NYC). He has many prestigious awards to his credit, such as the Dutch Design Award, the AM/NAi Award and the Europe 40 under 40.

Dan O’Kelly
Vice President of Creative Services at Tommy Hilfiger, and founder of Dan O’Kelly Studio. The Studio has worked on various national and international projects. From restaurants to residences, and from events to showrooms, Studio Dan O’Kelly creates architectural concepts in its own distinctive style.

Ode to Pierre Cardin, ‘People’s Places’ in Amsterdam and the ‘Stack, Heaps and Piles’exposition are just a few examples of the Studio’s unique work.

+ All images and drawings courtesy Being Development
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