20 Hyper-Visionary Thesis Show in Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

• May 12, 2011

20 selected graduating HYPER-VISIONARY thesis projects of architecture students will be showed on May 20/21, 2011, in the Berg Gallery, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. The website will be online leading up to and during the hours of the event, simulcast online @ http://Jackson-Studio.com/hyper

Hyper Visionary Thesis Show 20 Hyper Visionary Thesis Show in Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Friday May 20th, 5-9pm
Saturday May 21st, 10am-5pm

Berg Gallery, Building 05,
California Polytechnic State University,
1 Grand Ave, San Luis Obispo, California 93410

Beyond Mere Formalism, New Strategies for Architecture: Visionary Architecture

The overarching goal of these thesis projects is to formulate, investigate, and ultimately prove new strategies that will enable the discipline of architecture to reinvigorate its physical production, making this production more relevant and captivating to contemporary society at the time scale of a building, and therefore less prone to rapid obsolescence.

To this end, the studio critically examined architecture’s current practices in relation to both tendencies and interests in contemporary culture as well as the long-term viability of the discipline. In particular, we focused on architecture’s continued emphasis on monumental form and the various value systems it promotes (novelty, performance, utility) in order to justify its formal interests as compared to the larger culture’s growing interests in customization, content creation and reformulation, and individual authorship. We also critically considered architecture’s nature as both a discipline and a cultural practice, and discussed how these two seemingly discrepant aspects might be properly reconciled.

In addition, this studio has endeavored to transform the gallery venue into a highly interactive and engaging architectural and information space. Through the use of interactive and broadcasting technologies the gallery event will be both immersive and widely dispersed.

Each student has crafted an architectural thesis which is an intellectual offering to the discipline of architecture that provides a critical perspective of its current practices and offers an alternative, visionary proposition.

20 selected thesis projects:

  1. Jen Agius – Gradient: An In-Flux Social Architecture
  2. Pete Austin – Commitment Issues
  3. Alexia Beghi – Activity [Incorporated]
  4. Keith Bradley – Space Is Interface
  5. Christo Dasilva – Form Follows Fun
  6. Yoanna Dakovska – Permanently Impermanent
  7. Stephen Helms – Edit>Preferences
  8. David Lee – The Inbetween State
  9. Nick Lovemark – Re: Rockefeller Center
  10. Caitlin Marolf – A Place In No Place
  11. Benjamin Meade – Discursive Monumentality
  12. Cass Nakashima – In Flux
  13. Catherine Nguyen – An Urban Escape
  14. Valentin Pelayo – Monument to the Heterogeneous City
  15. Gregory Schaal – Hyper-urban: Beyound the Striated City
  16. Anthony Stahl – The Social Machine
  17. David Swaim – Participate in Your City
  18. Peter Trettl – Spatial Networking::Tuned Interactions
  19. Russell Vanderhye – Elevating Interaction: The Public Practice Writ Large
  20. Brian Vargo – Proactive Indeterminism

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