First Zero Carbon 5 Star Hotel: Bali Net Zero Hotel Resort & Spa

• May 29, 2011

Christine Hadiningrat in collaboration with Sauter Carbon Offset Design present the Bali Net Zero Hotel Resort & Spa; The first Zero Carbon 5 Star Hotel in the world that’s also a Solar Power Generating Plant for the local community.

Bali Net Zero Hotel Seminyak Power Station First Zero Carbon 5 Star Hotel: Bali Net Zero Hotel Resort & Spa

Bali Net Zero Hotel Resort & Spa, drawing courtesy Sauter Carbon Offset Design

Acting as a power station during the day, the surplus energy that is generated by the Hotel’s solar panels which collect more than double the required amount to run the hotel, is sold to neighbors. By generating and selling this surplus electricity by day, the Hotel is able to offset the electricity they will consume from the grid by night. In this way, there is no need for an expensive storage system where returning power to the grid is not an option.

The Solar Energy generated by the Hotel complex will be sold to the local community with the profits used to cover the cost of laying down, maintaining and further expanding the systems infrastructure to cover schools and Community Centers in Seminyak…

Richard Sauter founder of Sauter Carbon Offset Design commented

Building Net Zero Green Power Resorts instead of a coal fired power station is a realistic, cost effective alternative for Bali. The Chinese Coal Fired power station proposed for Bali is what made China the number one environmental polluter on the planet today. Green Power from Net Zero Hotel Resorts like this one will show that collectively, the Tourist Industry in Bali can provide enough Solar Power to establish the island of the Gods as the number one Eco Tourist destination in the world.

The Bali Net Zero Hotel Resort & Spa generates 2.5Mws of electricity a day from its solar cell array to maintain a Zero Carbon status. Solar panels which have a 25 year warranty will be deployed as an integral part of the cascading roof on 4 floors.

Being a renewable and sustainable power generation station will qualify the Bali Net Zero Resort as a Certified Carbon Offset Project. Within the frame work of that international program the cost of the Photo Voltaic system can be recovered by Carbon Offset Credits sold to guests in the form of a 5% surcharge on Hotel accommodations including its restaurants, spas, shops and entertainment centers.  At that rate the cost of the entire Solar Power Generating System will be recovered in less than 3 years.

As a Certified Carbon Offset Project the Bali Net Zero Hotel & Seminyak Solar Power Station will offset over 5,000 tons of CO2 per year.

Bali Net Zero Hotel Resort & Spa

  • 50 Ocean View Luxury Suites 150m2
  • All suites with 50m2 Terrace & Plunge Pool/Jacuzzi
  • Energy Efficient Appliances & Lighting
  • Carbon Neutral Furnishings & Building Materials
  • Natural Product Spa & Beauty Clinic
  • Zero Carbon Conference Centre
  • Eco Bookstore & Reference Library
  • Swiss Natural Pharmacy
  • Carbon Neutral Fashion & Shopping
  • Organic Restaurant & Snack Bar
  • International Art Gallery
  • Modern Cultural Performance Venue
  • Deluxe 3D Cinema
  • Air Conditioned Tennis, Squash Court & Gym
  • Zero Carbon Bar/Night Club
  • Two 50m Olympic Training Swimming Pools


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  1. The hotel could make or break your getaway. While five-star hotels assure a comfortable stay, don’t assume all are able stay at the Hilton as well as Four Seasons. You will find budget accommodations in Indonesia that may offer you all you need minus the extras.Just do your research first and look for feedback about the hotel before making the reservation.

  2. Serge.N says:

    Who is producing the electricity during the Night?