‘Foundouk’ series | Project HOLO

• June 18, 2011

HOLO, an experimental design collaboration formed by Australian designers Christopher Thomas and Michael Travalia have launched their third furniture collection at DMY Berlin, the Berlin design festival , May 1st – 5th.

HOLO pM kech 3 600x900 Foundouk series | Project HOLO

'foundouk' series, courtesy HOLO

The collection is called the ‘foundouk‘ series and is inspired by a design jam session the designers took in  Morocco. It features a comfy leather beanbag called ‘daybed’, the ‘kech’ aluminium screen and room divider , the silver ‘pool’  drinks tray and aluminium ‘lantern’ tables .

The work will continue to grow and mature, adding another layer of personal and shared experience over a period of time. By visiting a different place each year, we can draw inspiration and energy from it, translating aspects with a common dialogue.


HOLO pM daybed 1 600x506 Foundouk series | Project HOLO

Daybed by Christopher Thomas, courtesy HOLO

HOLO pM lantern 3 600x399 Foundouk series | Project HOLO

Lantern Table by Michael Travalia, courtesy HOLO

HOLO pM kech 2 600x768 Foundouk series | Project HOLO

Kech Screen by Christopher Thomas, courtesy HOLO

HOLO pM pool 600x434 Foundouk series | Project HOLO

Pool Tray by Christopher Thomas, courtesy HOLO

+ About HOLO

Project HOLO is a creative one. Focused on the exploration of ideas and the process of generating exciting, diverse objects and furniture. It is a new concept created by Australian expat friends Christopher Thomas and Michael Travalia.

Now living in their respective cities of Bergen and London, the pair sought to connect on an informal basis, to share a common passion for design and travel. The partnership visits a new country on an annual basis, drawing inspiration from it’s unique sense of place and the craft of the region.

We hope to reflect on different experiences, creating something new and exciting from each intensive session and share our findings through the resulting work and exhibitions.

+ Designer: Project HOLO

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  1. Simonf says:

    I’m very taken with that daybed – very snug-looking. I also like the kech screen – it looks like something from the groovy end of the 60’s that’s been given a clean, modern makeover.