Pap by Paularte

• June 11, 2011

Pap is the first piece of furniture launched in the 2011 collection by Projecto Martins. Designed by architect Maria Manuel Oliveira, the bookcase is now being presented and marketed in Portugal and abroad.

Whe designing Pap, Maria Manuel Oliveira wanted to reinterpret a piece of furniture that existed in living rooms or libraries to store books, and which rotated.

I knew some very beautiful ones, and I always thought it was very interesting peice of furniture to store books and magazines that are usually piled up everwhere in a house.

Maria Manuel Oliveira

Pad is made with satinwood and panga panga. A timber of warm color, clear and uniform, was chosen for the external part, and very dark color for the interior surfaces, so as to dramatize the holes and add thickness to Pap, which is relatively small and shallow. The base that supports this bookcase is solid. Pap is a parallelepiped that only suggests a slight tension when it rotates.

Designer: Maria Manuel Oliveira
Production: Paularte
Dimension: 100x48x48
Materials: Satinwood and panga panga

Pap01 Projecto Martins 600x800 Pap by Paularte

Pap, image courtesy Paularte

Pap02 Projecto Martins 600x900 Pap by Paularte

Pap, image courtesy Paularte


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Maria Manuel Oliveira was born in Guimaraes and studied Architecture in Escola Superior de Belas-Artes, Porto.

Projecto Martins was created in 2007 by Paularte, a company established in Braga, aiming to produce numbered and signed pieces of furniture designed by Portuguese architects and designers.


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