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• June 3, 2011

In residential projects, de-spec believes that architecture, interior design and decoration must reflect the client and their lifestyles. That the space should accommodate their story and not to be generated as a result of stylistic moves by its designer, where the brand of the designer supersedes those who live in it.  In this regard personalizing the home is particularly important.

de spec pM living 600x313 Residential Surgery | De spec

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The series of projects named surgery, refer to an exercise employed by de-spec to do this corrective work in the plan of an apartment and renovation projects.  In order to redesign an apartment or any space for that matter, the most important change is that of movement through the space and of ‘circulation’.

Fundamentally, the principle Farnaz Mansuri designs the experience to reflect the user’s spirit. The process is fascinating as it begins with a series of interviews of the client and observations and somehow this does not really end as the relationship of the designer and the client is collaborative.

In Surgery #8, the client was a noted art advisor, the space was a backdrop for his art collection and the design had to allow him to change the art around.

de spec pM hallway 600x288 Residential Surgery | De spec

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To change a classic 8 prewar apartment into a 4 bedroom apartment with eat in kitchen, office, extensive library and walls for art and dining room, living room.The surgery included the reconstruction of the walls to allow for the programmatic requirements of the client.

de spec pM bedroom 1 600x600 Residential Surgery | De spec

Image courtesy De-spec

Additionally the hallways were transformed into the library; the flow of movements was adjusted to take the body from room to room with hallways of art or books. The decoration was reduced to white rooms for the kids, to allow the toys and the children’s objects to animate the space.  The art was chosen by the client with Farnaz to reflect a story that is not static, and will rotate.

The living room, dining room was designed with minimum furniture to allow for the kids to grow up amidst ‘child friendly’ furniture, but the art on the walls reflect the geometry of the rooms. The layering of art from dining room to living room is designed to accentuate the movement between the two spaces.

de spec pM dinning 1 600x598 Residential Surgery | De spec

Image courtesy De-spec

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Project: Residential Surgery
Designer: De-spec |
Type: Interior

+ All images and drawings courtesy De-spec

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