&CAIRO: a new Egyptian Furniture Brand

• June 9, 2011

Launched in June 2010, &CAIRO is a collaboration between the new HardWood Furniture Co. generation and Alchemy Branding & Design Management under the Art Direction of Karim Mekhtigian. The new furniture brand is created for a relaxed lifestyle that holds simplicity and comfort. &CAIRO’s first official appearance took place at Furnex and +20 Egypt Design, with a collection from international designers such as Gumdesign, Karim Mekhtigian, Viable London and Leonard Bila. The Makram Brothers, Cherif and Rami Makram, also contributed to the creative mix with their own designs.

The Concept

Once upon a time in Cairo, Makram Khalil started a family business specialized in furniture manufacturing. A decade later, the new generation, Cherif and Rami Makram, dreamed of taking the business further and decided of expanding through the creation of a new brand, &CAIRO.

Inspired by the city they live in; the brothers wanted to dedicate their passion for furniture design to Cairo. &CAIRO is launching a new and young design approach with a fresh look within a context that appreciates and reflects the Cairene lifestyle.

As its name indicates, &CAIRO is fresh and crisp with inspiration from vintage and retro pieces that are significant to Cairo’s culture and character. Understanding the rich background of the city, &CAIRO wants to make sure that its inspirations and, as a result, products capture the city’s essence exclusively.

While the city may be thousands of years old, the Makram brothers are offering a new style; it’s the “Makramish Style”. With a fresh outlook on products, where substance triumphs over style, without forgetting the importance of creating products that are useful and permit the user to connect on an emotional level.

The brand mainly focuses on wood but also incorporates other materials that require a passion for craftsmanship. It presents a family business, managed by different generations that share the same passion for furniture making.

L Lounge Karim Mekhtigian Miral Ramzy &CAIRO: a new Egyptian Furniture Brand

L-Lounge by Karim Mekhtigian, image courtesy Miral Ramzy

Endless Table Leonard Bila Miral Ramzy &CAIRO: a new Egyptian Furniture Brand

Flow Table by Leonard Bila, image courtesy Miral Ramzy

K Tabe Cherif Makram Miral Ramzy &CAIRO: a new Egyptian Furniture Brand

K-Table by Cherif Makram, image courtesy Miral Ramzy

Tea Tables Cherif Makram Miral Ramzy &CAIRO: a new Egyptian Furniture Brand

Tea Tables by Cherif Makram, image courtesy Miral Ramzy

ZigZag Bookcase Viable London Miral Ramzy &CAIRO: a new Egyptian Furniture Brand

ZigZag Bookcase by Viable London, image courtesy Miral Ramzy

Utchat Stool Rami Makram Ahmed Zaatar 600x400 &CAIRO: a new Egyptian Furniture Brand

Utchat Stool by Rami Makram, image courtesy Ahmed Zaatar

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