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• July 12, 2011

Evocative and Parisian inspired new lingerie label Bellechasse has opened its first store in High Street, Armadale, Melbourne. Decorated Interior Designer, David Hicks was commissioned to outfit the store, which was loosely designed to reflect the title of the brand ŒThe Beautiful Hunt¹ Bellechasse.

BELLECHASSE David Hicks pM 6 600x900 BELLECHASSE Interior Design | David Hicks

Image courtesy David Hicks

The store was divided into three zones. The first, being fashioned on a Parisian haberdashery, simple lines, along with the selected materials combine, to create a luxurious atmosphere.

Lacquered alcoves create space for different product to be displayed and lingerie hangs in two make shift wardrobes, which line the walls.  The central floor area of the store has been highlighted with pink marble slabs, laid on a hexagonal pattern, which were inspired by avant-garde stocking patterns.  The glossy dark stone border running around the perimeter serves to highlight this central pink extravagance.

BELLECHASSE David Hicks pM 1 600x900 BELLECHASSE Interior Design | David Hicks

Image courtesy David Hicks

A custom made perforated black leather sales counter, which is trimmed in chrome, provides the point of entry and transactions. The leather provides an evocative contrast to the feminine nude tones of the cabinetry and walls.

The second space is a smaller more intimate space, clad with black gloss lacquered walls and plush black carpet.  Televisions are fitted into the walls and run black and white sensual films; this has been integrated to create a voyeuristic element creating a dark, sensual space to explore.

BELLECHASSE David Hicks pM 3 600x900 BELLECHASSE Interior Design | David Hicks

Image courtesy David Hicks

The third space is a fitting area.  The rooms are concealed behind custom designed screens in black gloss with silver wallpaper. Red bulbs hang from the ceiling and flicker to advise the assistant of help required from the customer.  Each change room has been papered in hand made custom wallpaper, each one having a different theme and graphic – from feathers to birds.

The overall design subtly highlights themes of bondage, fantasy and voyeurism in a clean black, white and nude toned environment.

+ All images courtesy Image courtesy David Hicks

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