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• July 20, 2011

GAD Architecture, in collaboration with Dara Kirmizitoprak have designed the NLF in Bursa, Turkey.

NLF is a high-rise luxury residential project, located in the Nilüfer district of Bursa, one of the largest and most developed cities in Turkey. The project site is on the main road serving as an axis connecting Bursa and Nilufer to the east & west. This corridor also accomodates the railway system, and is characterized by a number of other shopping centers in the vicinity. The project was designed to be a landmark for Nilufer and Bursa.

06view from terrace1 GAD pM 600x418 NLF in Bursa | GAD Architecture

NLF in Bursa, drawing courtesy GAD Architecture

08 GAD pM 600x868 NLF in Bursa | GAD Architecture

NLF in Bursa, render courtesy GAD Architecture

10exterior 01 GAD pM 600x766 NLF in Bursa | GAD Architecture

NLF in Bursa, render courtesy GAD Architecture

Given high floor area ratio & program requirements, in combination with a small site footprint, the building was required to be much higher than any of the surrounding buildings. The site area is 2,250m, and the total construction area is approximately 40,000m.

11exterior 04 GAD pM 600x450 NLF in Bursa | GAD Architecture

NLF in Bursa, render courtesy GAD Architecture

The building program includes residences, offices, retail space, restaurants and social activities. These functions are organized in a single building reaching 137.5m with 32 floors. The residential tower rests on a base including 3 levels of retail and 5 levels of office space. There is a restaurant at the top level of the building under a helipad, giving a 360 degree unobstructed view for guests.

07out GAD pM 600x763 NLF in Bursa | GAD Architecture

NLF in Bursa, render courtesy GAD Architecture

03 top GAD pM 600x600 NLF in Bursa | GAD Architecture

NLF in Bursa, render courtesy GAD Architecture

The building form was shaped as a turning ellipse, resulting in residences with large sweeping balconies that give the building its main character. This geometry gives a unique visual appearance to the building that changes constantly, according to the way you approach the building. Limited materials are used in order to provide a more cohesive effect on the site, and this is further emphasized thru the details.

There are four main materials: composite wood panels, concrete, glass and steel. Composite wood louvers are used for the balconies, to make the project feel warmer and to have an overall softer visual effect.

16plan detailed GAD pM 600x282 NLF in Bursa | GAD Architecture

NLF in Bursa - Typical unit design, drawing courtesy GAD Architecture

+ About

Global Architectural Development |

Global Architectural Development is an Istanbul and New York based company, which performs architectural practice, research and concept design since 1994 and whose partners are Gokhan Avcioglu and Ozlem Ercil Avcioglu and their global collaborators.

Contemporary and current architecture, urbanism, software, consumer habits and behaviors and approaching to the projects holistically are among its field of interest. GAD understands architecture as a practice that relies on the experiment, values historical precedents and new ways to combine both in a mutually benefiting fashion.

GAD Architecture is committed to finding innovative approaches to architecture and creating new spatial experiences with projects and ideas.

GAD has won numerous awards including the 1997 Turkish Architecture Prize for the design of a Public Park in Istanbul and the 2001 Cimsa Design Prize for outdoor seating, a bronze medal in Miami Biennale for Borusan Exhibition Center in 2003. The Public park in 1998 and in 2004 and Esma Sultan Venue place in 2001 was short listed for Aga Khan Award for Architecture.

The firm’s projects have been exhibited at numerous venues internationally, at the Galerist gallery in Istanbul and Minima Art in Philadelphia, USA in 2002, at Miami Biennale in December 2003, in Architectural Museum in Rotterdam, in 2004 and in 2005 in Royal Academy of Art in London.

GAD’s projects have been published widely in international press, books and on TV. For further details about them please go to publications.

GAD has offices in Istanbul, New York and Bodrum.

Gokhan Avcioglu GAD pM 600x440 NLF in Bursa | GAD Architecture

Gokhan Avcioglu, image courtesy GAD Architecture

Gokhan Avcioglu

Born in Ankara, Turkey in 1961, GA completed his education in KSU/BA in Architecture. He is the principle and founder of GAD in Istanbul, since 1994, where he designs and constructs building with various functions.

Among his projects are office buildings, public and commercial spaces, office buildings and residences in Istanbul and Bodrum in Turkey, New Jersey, Washington DC, Virginia and Connecticut, various stores in Manhattan New York, restaurants in Istanbul and Washington DC . Among his recent projects are a mix use residential and commercial projects for Istanbul, residential lofts in Washington DC, hotels and houses in Bodrum and Kazan Russia, public spaces in Libya.He has won numerous awards including the 1997 Turkish Architecture Prize, the 2001 Cimsa Design Prize and a bronze medal in Miami Biennal in 2003. The projects Kadikoy Park in 1998 and in 2004, Yalova Elyaf in 2001 and Esma Sultan in 2005 was short listed for Aga Khan award for Architecture.

Since 2001, he has been running studios in in Ecole Speciale d’Architecture in Paris , Yildiz Technical University and Istanbul Technical University in Istanbul.
Since 2001 Gokhan Avcioglu has offices also in New York and living in both cities.

+ All images and drawings courtesy GAD Architecture
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