Presenting Moving Design’s 2011 Call to Action: An Intervention on Bicycle Safety

• July 13, 2011

Moving Design Presenting Moving Designs 2011 Call to Action: An Intervention on Bicycle Safety

Moving Design 2011: An Intervention on Bicycle Safety has begun!

The new program is aimed at advancing powerful ideas in response to the need for bicycle safety and awareness in the City of Chicago.

During 12 evening sessions over six weeks, 30-40 moving designers/artists will convert design into tangible and real social currency. Participants will be encouraged to work within specific realms of impact such as streets,  storefronts, facades, etc. through the mediums of print, projection, sound, video, the web, subversion, and performance under the direction of this year’s spirited facilitators: Nick Adam, Cody Hudson, John Pobojewski, Gregory Pilon, Scott Reinhard, and Bud Rodecker. The group will focus on Logan Square and transform it into Chicago’s first hub for safe, active mobility, where pedestrians and bikers rule.

The community will serve as a model for other neighborhoods intent on improving quality of life, public safety and health across the city.

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Moving Design ( is a coalition of designers and artists who work with community partners, leading initiatives that inspire change through the power of design. The group uses creativity as a catalyst for change, moving the community to action. Founded by Rick Valicenti of Thirst ( and John Pobojewski, this innovative program brings together the brightest designers to shed light on issues that remain unseen and unheard.

Rick Valicenti has recently been recognized as the recipient of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum 2011 National Design Award for Communication Design. He is a leader in the field of graphic and multimedia design, and for over three decades, has been a definitive presence in the industry as practitioner, educator and mentor.


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