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• July 6, 2011

AQSO arquitectos office has recently completed the Zurbarán Clinic. This clinic is located in the mezzanine of a residential building near the Castellana Avenue, in the heart of Madrid. The space is indirectly illuminated through several generous patios and the homogeneous zenith light is intensified by the white atmosphere of the health center.

aqso armario reception mostrador clinica light 600x459 Zurbarán Clinic | AQSO arquitectos office

Zurbarán Clinic, image courtesy AQSO arquitectos office

The arrangement of the spaces is based on two different circulations, the private rooms used by the personnel and doctors and the areas for the public. The minimal style of the interior and the predominant white color is only subtly contrasted by the different finishes of the materials -from glossy to matt- and the translucent glass walls enclosing the surgery room.

aqso interiorismo office blanco neutral medical 600x458 Zurbarán Clinic | AQSO arquitectos office

Zurbarán Clinic, image courtesy AQSO arquitectos office

From the reception area, where a simple piece of furniture works as information desk, the patients enter into a neat, sober and clean environment that intends to transmit the professional and hygienic character of this private health center.

aqso simple light zurbaran clinic dentista 600x466 Zurbarán Clinic | AQSO arquitectos office

Zurbarán Clinic, image courtesy AQSO arquitectos office

The combination of opaque and translucent planes articulates the programme along the main corridor, where the different types of doors suggest the uses of the rooms behind. The interior elevation is made by modulated lacquered wood panels including some built-in closets. The frozen glass used for the mobile partitions creates a blue shade atmosphere, which cold feeling is contrasted to the warm bright of the down lights recessed in the ceiling.

+ Project credits / data

Project: Zurbarán clinic
Location: Madrid, Spain
Architects: AQSO, arquitectos office
Design team: Sergio Blanco Fernández, Manuel Martínez Rodríguez, Luis Aguirre Manso, James Tendayi Matsuku
Collaborators: Carlos Martín Bolaños.
Photographers: Francisco Higuera, Luis Antonio García.
Project area: Site area: 85 sqm

+ About AQSO arquitectos office

AQSO is a multidisciplinary office composed of an international group of young professionals dedicated to contemporary architecture, urban planning and cultural research. Their philosophy combines a rigorous and pragmatic approach with an innovative attitude.

Based in Spain and China, the office approaches every project with an ambitious methodology that investigates and analyzes social, economic, technical and sustainable issues. Their ability covers a wide range of types and scales, from public, commercial and residential buildings to town planning and urbanism.

AQSO understands architecture as a multidisciplinary process, a comprehensive approach beyond living spaces, a method in cooperation with different professionals and consultants to become the coherent nexus between imagination and reality.

Their team has the international vision, experience, flexibility and ability to materialize each project from concept to site supervision.

The office is founded by Luis Aguirre and is an international partnership together with Sergio Blanco, James Tendayi and XiaoPu Liu. The practice relies on a multicultural team of experienced architects working on an open cross-disciplinary collaboration platform.

AQSO has been awarded for several international design competitions including Europan 9 and the Self-sufficient IaaC contest. The firm has received several prizes for public and restricted architectural competitions in Spain and China, where the company is based.

+ All images courtesy AQSO arquitectos office
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  1. Sylvie Bryant says:

    Very clean, I really like the light!