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• August 3, 2011

A “factory” for the city … A space to do things …. anything! Simply do things … Communicate. Communicate with the World … Know … Learn in a fun way!

A building that needs to dialogue with the city. An organic block, which gently lands on a square … A kind of constant sensory challenge that appeals to the discovery, experimentation, to a new way of experiencing this amazing city!

RENDER EXTERIOR 2 Spaceworkers pM 600x808 09FDIP | Spaceworkers

09FDIP, image courtesy Spaceworkers

RENDER EXTERIOR 1 Spaceworkers pM 600x295 09FDIP | Spaceworkers

09FDIP, image courtesy Spaceworkers

A space where the physical boundaries of the site are diluted in the geometry of the shape and permeability zones created by the balance sheet, reinforcing the desired ?uidity of the surrounding urban space.

09FDIP 03 Spaceworkers pM 600x399 09FDIP | Spaceworkers

09FDIP, image courtesy Spaceworkers

The building looks like a massive form, modeled on the basis of foreign relations to enhance, easily seized at car speed and able to stimulate the curiosity of passersby, in a constant game of seduction between “show” and “hide”.

RENDER STAIRCASE EXPO AREA Spaceworkers pM 600x443 09FDIP | Spaceworkers

09FDIP, image courtesy Spaceworkers

RENDER FAB LAB zona1 Spaceworkers pM 600x375 09FDIP | Spaceworkers

09FDIP, image courtesy Spaceworkers

The interior is thought of as a kind of continuous functional spiral around a huge central void, exploring an idea of transparency, diluted in a lacy structure (suggesting the branches of trees in a dense forest), making the perception of different spaces possible and be a constant invitation to the movement and the discovery of spaces that are visible.

09FDIP Diagram 600x566 09FDIP | Spaceworkers

09FDIP - Conceptual diagram, drawing courtesy Spaceworkers

09FDIP story3 Spaceworkers pM 600x398 09FDIP | Spaceworkers

09FDIP - L3 floor plan, drawing courtesy Spaceworkers

09FDIP SECTION S2 Spaceworkers pM 600x786 09FDIP | Spaceworkers

09FDIP - Section 2, drawing courtesy Spaceworkers

+ Project credits / data

Year: 2009
Size: 4000m2
Address: Lordelo | Paredes
Client: Câmara Municipal de Paredes
Author: spaceworkers® | http://www.spaceworkers.pt/
Principal architects: Henrique Marques and Rui Dinis
Team: Rui Miguel, Rui Rodrigues and Sérgio Rocha
Finance director: Carla Duarte – CFO
Program: Culture

+ About Spaceworkers
spaceworkers   team Spaceworkers pM 600x326 09FDIP | Spaceworkers

Image courtesy Spaceworkers

The spaceworkers® project arises from a common desire of the three mentors, Carla Duarte, Henrique Marques and Rui Dinis, to create a “brand” capable of representing a horizontal approach across fields as diverse as Architecture, Economics, Design and Furniture, proving to be possible and even recommendable to ally these different areas.

As a creative workshop, we seek to instill in our work a touch of innovation and sensory excitement, appealing to the sensibilities of its customers to a new way of viewing space as an instrument of communication, planning and interaction with public sentiment.

We believe that the proposals made by spaceworkers ® seek to meet the needs of its clients, avoiding the obvious,  seeking a path where form clearly follows emotion.

It also seeks a compromise between the formal and functional options and the overall cost of the work, because we believe it is precisely this balance that grounds the added value of our work.

+ All images and drawings courtesy Spaceworkers

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