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• August 26, 2011

Task Architects has designed the Busan opera House. Busan is one of the most important Korean cities and its largest port. The project is located in the newly developed area of north port .

We wanted to create an Icon. A monument that would shift the vision of the world and create new experiences for each visitor while on the same time is welcoming and inviting. And can be the city’s vision of future development.

Task Architects

Busan opera house  TASK pM 4 600x263 Busan opera House \ Task Architects

Busan opera House, render courtesy TASK Architects

Theory: A New Paradigm of Contemporary Korean Design

Abstractness Directed toward “Chun”

The most remarkable characteristic of Korean philosophy is the thought of “Chun (heaven)”. Koreans have a deep desire to become one with “Chun”, and carry nostalgia for heaven. Thus, Korean art contains a spirituality directed toward “Chun”.

Designs like “Chun” are like a design following nature, a design created by the “public self” without self-interest. This means embracing everything from a holistic standpoint transcending the individual standpoint, and putting public interest before private interest. Therefore, in Korean design, a design without a moral is meaningless. The recovery of morality in design is the discovery of “Chun”, which is Korean originality.

Busan opera house  TASK pM 600x360 Busan opera House \ Task Architects

Busan opera House, render courtesy TASK Architects

Sentiments of Human Nature

Korean design is warm. The warmth originates in the “In (benevolence)” of Koreans’ personalities. A person that is “In” is “a person who practices love”, “a person who lives by his/her nature”, and “a person with spiritual culture.” Such a person reveals “Eui (righteousness)”, “Ye (propriety)”, and “Ji (wisdom) based on “In”. These four virtues form the fundamentals of the human being, and people set the basic orientations for their minds and shape their ways of life based on these virtues.

Abstractness, Life, Human Nature

In order to put the 21st century paradigm into practice, a philosophy is established by “knowing oneself, and maintaining the right attitude”. Thus, Korean contemporary design will be able to acquire universal sympathy and competitiveness when designers fully understand Korean thought.

Busan opera house  TASK pM 3 600x357 Busan opera House \ Task Architects

Busan opera House, render courtesy TASK Architects

Concept: Between Man and Heaven

The new paradigm of design based on the three concepts deducted from Korean thought – abstractness, life, and human nature – will proceed to a higher dimension of cultural harmony between East and West, maintaining a balance with the previous experience of Western material culture. Furthermore, the establishment of Korean design philosophy will provide principles to create new methodologies for Korean design in a new era.

Busan opera house  TASK pM Hall 600x435 Busan opera House \ Task Architects

Busan opera House, render courtesy TASK Architects

+ Architect’s statement

We started working on the project we wanted to create great memorable moments for the visitors from the minute they he approaches the project. We designed three main exterior spaces, the entrance space as the visitors paths under the huge cantilever, the main exterior plaza that’s designed to be completely serine and can be an escape from the city life and the sky terrace right in the end of the cantilever which visitors can easily access from the exterior plaza giving them a new experience standing at its very end observing the new developments of the north port.

The project consists of 3 main halls the first is a 2000 seats great hall which was created form a one surface that was digitally manipulated and designed to match the project needs like acoustics design and the large number of seating while maintaining a sleek and simple look that’s so defying to the classical over decorated opera hall vision. The second one is a multipurpose hall designed to be very agile with multi entrances and mechanized floor and the third is a small 300 seats theatre along with a large convention center. The whole components are housed under one large universal space.

Busan opera house  TASK pM elevation 600x179 Busan opera House \ Task Architects


+ About Task Architects

Taymour Senbil – Khaled ElAshry – Ahmad Badr ElDin – Aya Ibrahim

TASK is a new architectural firm founded in Egypt by a group of young Egyptian architects. The architecture ideology in Egypt is shifting along with all the aspects of Egyptian life. We wanted to start a firm to support the new generation of Egyptians architects and designers that can experiment on Architecture and design freely and without limits defying the old and generating new ripples in Egyptian architecture society.


+ All images and drawings courtesy TASK Architects

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  1. What an incredible piece of architecture, as well as a beautiful philosophy behind it’s concept and design. I hope I will have the privilege of visiting it someday.