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• August 15, 2011

Portuguese designer Gonçalo Campos has recently created Called Nata. Called Nata (the Portuguese word for cream) referring to it’s pale white color and its classic dinnerware look. This is a lamp made from an old shape, discontinued, found at a ceramics factory.

Nata context Goncalo Campos pM  600x449 Called Nata \ Gonçalo Campos

image courtesy Gonçalo Campos

The fact that this shape ceases to be interesting and its production stopped, brought the opportunity to revive it through slight changes and a new function. This turned this cup into a light, giving a rejected form, a new life and a second chance. Instead of having only the classic one handle, by adding 2 handles and a hole for the lamp, a new product was created. This was a way to make an object using less means and with a insignificant change in the process, resulting in an interesting approach to the ceramics industry, using one mould for making two distinct products.

Nata Goncalo Campos pM 5 600x600 Called Nata \ Gonçalo Campos

image courtesy Gonçalo Campos

This is not to be considered re-using or recycling. This was in fact the result of the understanding of the common production of ceramics and a way to explore this into making a new product with a potential that few others have. This is a product that represents a whole range of unexplored opportunities, even within large productions of objects, where this sort of flexibility can be proven valuable.

Nata lamp is available for online purchase at Gonçalo Campos’s online store.

+ All images courtesy Gonçalo Campos

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