“Pagoda” floor lamp \ Lucrecia moribunda

• August 17, 2011

Lucrecia moribunda has created the “Pagoda” floor lamp.

+ Design statement by Lucrecia moribunda

Again utilizing modern ceramic dishes from the depths of the cupboard I have fashioned a grandiose, ever extending, seven tiered floor lamp profusely immersed in suede floral at every juncture; the piece intrepidly stretches upward bearing similitude to some decorative tower residing in the the Englischer Garten jostling for the most advantageous altitude. Each tier boasts a right side up cup and saucer pairing while the base coupling projects a more contrasting point of view, the bottom being inverted and ”closed” as the top re-establishes congruence proceeding upward in stringent allegiance, ”opened”. As per the shade, a sculpted stiffel has been employed with twisted rope bordering tracing every curving contour.

Lucrecia Pagoda pM 04 600x888 Pagoda floor lamp \ Lucrecia moribunda

Image courtesy Lucrecia moribunda

Lucrecia Pagoda pM 600x888 Pagoda floor lamp \ Lucrecia moribunda

Image courtesy Lucrecia moribunda

Lucrecia Pagoda pM 08 600x405 Pagoda floor lamp \ Lucrecia moribunda

Image courtesy Lucrecia moribunda

+ All images courtesy Lucrecia moribunda


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  1. Sveta Kolodina says:

    I’ve seen another work from this designer, a table lamp, so sensual and lovely.

  2. Sophia Tello says:

    Wow this lamp is gorgeous, and so organic looking; I’ve never heard of this designer, anyone have details?

  3. Gina Schiavone says:

    This piece is very radiant, it just goes on forever and has a nice sense of dramatic beauty; I just can’t get over its sense of scale, its looming! I want to see more from this designer; but also I’ve never heard of Lucrecia moribunda.Brilliant design out of everday materials, so enchanting.

  4. Gina Schiavone says:

    This work is radiant, its sense of scale is so daring while its appearance presents a sort of… dark and romantic feeling. I just can’t get over the height of this piece, it seems to just loom over whatever may be around. Brilliant work by whomever Lucrecia Moribunda is, I want to see much more from this designer and fast! : )

  5. Kim Andersson says:

    Wow Gina, either you really like this piece or you were not positive your comment went through and thusly wrote another; but yea, thanks for sending me here this piece is something to behold, very… “organic” looking with an certain sense of horror I guess would be the right word; but I can’t seem to find any info on this designer. See you tonight Gina, you bring the wine this time haha.

  6. Vera Zhivanevskaya says:

    This lamp just takes my breath away, hard to believe it was created using such ”ordianry” materials; I have to see more from this designer.

  7. Florian Mayer says:

    I feel the same way Vera, the fact that this piece was created with such “everyday” or “ordinary” materials makes it all the more spectacular; why have I never heard or come across this designer Lucrecia Moribunda, has anyone seen more of his work?