Pavilions and Fillies of the “PARC DES BORDS DE SEINE” \ AWP + HHF

• September 15, 2011

AWP + HHF have just won the competition to deliver a masterplan plan for the development of all urban spaces in the La Défense central business district, Paris.

The same month AWP has also won the competition to design the public realm of Jardins de l’Arche, below the Grande Arche de la Défense and around the new stadium Arena 92.

HHF: Opening of the exhibition ‘Ai Weiwei: Art/Architecture’ at the Kunsthaus Bregenz, which will be shown from July 16th till October 16th. HHF shows 4 projects, 3 of them designed in collaboration with Ai Weiwei…

AWP HHF 1 600x403 Pavilions and Fillies of the PARC DES BORDS DE SEINE \ AWP + HHF

Render courtesy AWP + HHF

The series of a pavilions with different public functions and programs are part of a future 113 hectare large public green space along the Seine river, in Carrière-Sous-Poissy, at the end station of the RER line A and close the renown Villa Savoye from Le Corbusier. The Park designed by the Paris based landscape architects Agence TER will be a public park and ecological showcase for local residents and a leisure destination for people living in and around Paris.

The competition brief included the construction of a visitor’s center, of a restaurant (“guinguette”), of an observatory plus about a dozen smaller infrastructure “follies” with different uses.

AWP HHF 3 600x445 Pavilions and Fillies of the PARC DES BORDS DE SEINE \ AWP + HHF

Render courtesy AWP + HHF

Similar to the popular wooden preschool toys in form of building blocks made of out of colorful wood, this collection of pavilions and small infrastructure «follies» is based on a modular wood system, repeating and combining different sized and different angled timber frames. This approach allows for interesting and unusual constructions, enabling a wide range of possible variations with a very limited number of elements, while at the same type staying very flexible for future adaptions and  during the construction phase. This will result in unique atmospheres and spaces for each of the pavilions and infrastructure follies. In addition to that it’s a relatively low priced construction method which enables the integration of local building know how and local companies.

AWP HHF 4 600x283 Pavilions and Fillies of the PARC DES BORDS DE SEINE \ AWP + HHF

Render courtesy AWP + HHF

The site of the project is an exceptional one, for its location along the Seine river and for its “in-between”, dual nature (land/water, city/sprawl, wilderness/domesticated nature). The presence of barges, fishing huts and houseboats, which have been so far inhabiting the site has been a powerful source of inspiration. On the other side, the site boundary is characterized by suburban nondescript housing pavilions. The design springs from a process of hybridization between these two existing habitat models: the floating barge and the archetypical suburban house resulting in a new typology emerging in the park and dealing with the site’s memory and identity both spatially and socially, whilst providing a contemporary and forward-looking response.

AWP HHF 2 600x316 Pavilions and Fillies of the PARC DES BORDS DE SEINE \ AWP + HHF

Render courtesy AWP + HHF

By working along residential neighborhoods and along the river, we are invited by this project to come inhabit a large urban room worthy of Paris’ tradition of great terraced boulevards. This very active strip of land is made up of continuous docks, a large mooring space for barges, pontoons, lookouts, observatories, cantilevered terraces…

These small, furtive constructions must stimulate the flow of people over the entire length of the park, and towards the water and city, as well as provide facilities for viewing the landscape: framing/unframing. They will bring an inspirational atmosphere, to encourage new experiences. We want to suggest windows for sharing this new kind of landscape, and bring the surrounding city to life by intensifying certain elements of the landscape plan:

inscribe it within an urban strategy. The idea is to create conditions for viewing the space, to allow crossovers that are adapted to the buildings’ uses, users, to the evolution of their surroundings.

AWP HHF 9 600x306 Pavilions and Fillies of the PARC DES BORDS DE SEINE \ AWP + HHF

Render courtesy AWP + HHF

+ About AWP

AWP is an award winning interdisciplinary office for territorial reconfiguration and design. The practice has been established in Paris in 2003 – since then its partners Marc Armengaud, Matthias Armengaud and Alessandra Cianchetta have been working on a wide variety of programmes : architecture, landscape design, strategic planning and urbanism ranging from major large scale public projects to temporary installations both in France and internationally. The practice was awarded the French Ministry of Culture’s Prize for Best Young Architects in 2006, and the French Ministry of Transport, Housing and Ecology’s PJU urban planning award 2010.

Relevant projects include the Lantern pavilion in Sandnes, Norway, nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award in 2009, the masterplanning of public spaces and mobility for the 230ha Praille-Acacias-Vernets area, Geneva, the construction of the Evry wastewater treatment plant, France, the sculpture park for the LAM – Museum of Modern, Contemporary and Outsider Art of Lille Metropole, France -, the public realm redesign of Capodichino airport and the Ferro-Gomma Hub multimodal park in Naples, Italy (with RSH-P). AWP also curates and designs exhibitions for major cultural institutions and write regularly books and essays. The three partners have exhibited their work and lectured at many architectural venues in Paris, London, Milan, Rome, Barcelona, Beijing, Toronto, Belgrade, Tianjin, Winnipeg, Geneva, Copenhagen, Oslo, Trondheim, Tirana, Lausanne, Montréal, New York and many others places.

+ About HHF architects

HHF architects was founded in 2003 by Tilo Herlach, Simon Hartmann and Simon Frommenwiler. Since then HHF have realized projects in Switzerland, Germany, China, Mexico, France and the USA. The scope of work ranges broadly and includes: large scale construction, e.g., fashion center Labels Berlin 2; interior design, e.g., the Confiserie Bachmann in Basel; master planning, e.g., the public space and mobility strategy for the Praille Acacias Vernets, Geneva; public structures, e.g., Ruta del Peregrino Lookout Point of a pilgrimage route in Mexico; or the Baby Dragon pavilion in the Jinhua Architecture Park, China.

From the beginning HHF has aimed for collaborations with other architects, artists and specialists in order to widen the view on a project and enrich the quality of a specific proposal. In addition to building, teaching is an important activity of the office. Since 2009 Simon Hartmann has been Professor at the HTA in Fribourg, Switzerland. Previously he served as a teaching assistant and head of teaching at the ETH Studio Basel, with Professors Jacques Herzog, Pierre de Meuron, Roger Diener and Marcel Meili. Simon Frommenwiler was a teaching assistant with Professor Harry Gugger at the ETH in Lausanne and a guest professor at the HTA in Fribourg. HHF architects also guest lectured at the UIA in Mexico City, at MIT in Boston and the University of Innsbruck and the firm’s architects have participated as jury members at numerous universities.

+ Project credits / data

Location: Carrière-Sous -Poissy, Paris, France
Net floor area: 1900m2 approx.
Type of project: Public equipments. Pavilions and Follies
Planned: 2011
Client: Communauté d’agglomération des Deux Rives de la Seine
Architects: AWP | + HHF |
Project responsible: Alessandra Cianchetta
Team AWP: Marc Armengaud, Matthias Armengaud, Alessandra Cianchetta, Miguel La Parra Knapman, David Perez
Team HHF: Simon Frommenwiler, Simon Hartmann, Tilo Herlach
Structure: EVP
Engineering / QS: GINGER
Competition: 1st prize, 2011 / preliminary studies ongoing
Images: © AWP – HHF, Sbda

+ All images courtesy AWP + HHF

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