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• September 4, 2011

Architects of mode:lina are proud to present a design for Polish quick service chain restaurant – United Chickenmode:lina is the author of the brand identity and the main designer of quick-service chain restaurants United Chicken.

modelina UC 2s 600x399 United Chicken \ mode:lina

Courtesy of United Chicken

Interior design system for United Chicken was created in such a way that the brand was easily recognizable in different locations even if the logo and branding elements are not visible.

modelina UC 1s 600x400 United Chicken \ mode:lina

Courtesy of United Chicken

The division of zones in a restaurant is easy to identify thanks to use of explicit colors: gray – the zone of communication, yellow and green – the zone of consumption. Placement of chairs and tables is naturally separated by differences in floor color and lower ceilings. Basic and regular element of every United Chicken restaurant is green and C-shaped counter.

modelina UC 3s 600x399 United Chicken \ mode:lina

Courtesy of United Chicken

Although initially three United Chicken restaurant models were considered : restaurant, drive-in and a food court, the concept continues to develop into unique solutions for the most demanding locations (for example United Chicken Walk In concept).

modelina UC 4s 600x310 United Chicken \ mode:lina

Courtesy of United Chicken

We also promote small design companies from Poland by putting their furniture next to admitted design classics. For example we used Bubble Gum lamps by dbwt.pl.

modelina UC 10s 600x399 United Chicken \ mode:lina

Courtesy of United Chicken

+ Project credits / data

Design: mode:lina architect | Jerzy Wozniak & Pawel Garus
WWW: www.modelina-architekci.com
Photos: Courtesy of United Chicken

Following locations opened so far:
United Chicken Koszalin (restaurant)
United Chicken Bytom (foodcourt)
United Chicken Wrzesnia (restaurant)
United Chicken Stargard Szczecinski (restaurant)
United Chicken Plock (foodcourt)

+ All image courtesy mode:lina, photo courtesy of United Chicken

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  2. neemcg says:

    This design works well and looks great. I am weary about the color choices for intentions beyond aesthetic. Studies have shown that the color yellow suppresses appetite and can cause people to feel nauseated. Perhaps another bright color could have been chosen for consumption areas to complement green and move people through their eating experience quickly, while not running the risk of leaving them feeling ill at the conclusion of their meal.