Il gigante poco da bologna lamp \ Lucrecia Moribunda

• November 16, 2011

Lucrecia Moribunda has created Il gigante poco da bologna lamp.

+ Design statement by Lucrecia Moribunda

In my latest RE-endeavor, I have raised eight columns of up cycled crystal vases and applied winding gilded leaves to each, eight columns of two totaling sixteen. The embellishments are set atop a myriad of diversely textured floral, from paper, suede, and silk. Supporting these flutes is a pine plinth garnered from wood of broken chest; sporadic gilded blossoms kiss the corners while miniature rosettes smother the feet. A bulb sits in the middle of the structure seemingly confined concealing its glare as the columns serve as a sort of cage, releasing beams of light stringently. At last, the shade is very curious, its bell squared with inverted corners and establishes a superlative correlation with the rest of the piece, its made of silk shantung.

bologna Lucrecia 09 600x888 Il gigante poco da bologna lamp \ Lucrecia Moribunda

Image courtesy Lucrecia Moribunda

bologna Lucrecia 08 600x888 Il gigante poco da bologna lamp \ Lucrecia Moribunda

Image courtesy Lucrecia Moribunda

bologna Lucrecia 10 600x888 Il gigante poco da bologna lamp \ Lucrecia Moribunda

Image courtesy Lucrecia Moribunda

 +  All images courtesy Lucrecia Moribunda


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  1. Brenden Downing says:

    lol, this lamp is so strange and yet so brilliant; I’ve yet to see a lighting fixture composed in this fashion, it seriously looks like its from a different age. Nice to see some designers aren’t so hung up on creating something modern; this piece actually is an utter work of art.

  2. Jelena Ollic says:

    What can you say about this piece, its abandoned simple modernity and fully embraced past eras, this is what I love about design/art, this is why I just adore the work of Lucrecia Moribunda.

  3. Fabiana Brescia says:

    This work is simply beautiful, so well constructed and thought out; this is most certaintly my favorite piece by Lucrecia by a wide margin, this designer takes the most ordianry/turned aside pieces and re-creates them into pure art. Gorgeous!

  4. Lydia Nielsen says:


  5. Olga Bachmann says:

    Glorious usage of old products, given a new life by Lucrecia Moribunda.

  6. Diana Vespasiana says:

    What a beauty, this is one of the most glorious lighting fixtures I’ve ever seen; my favorite aspect of this work is the base, I can’t believe this was made with old ply wood, and just look at it now, full of beauty, you can actually see the mini flowers on the feet and making up the center; and look at those columns, can you believe they’re made out of up-cycled cyrstal vases? This work is just breathtaking!

  7. Greta Mustermann says:

    Simply stunning! As far as up-cycling goes, and re-creating old objects, Lucrecia Moribunda has to be the most inspired designer; it’s just jaw dropping what he’s able to do with “turned aside” objects, giving them a completely new life. I know this may seem soon or objectionable but I seriously have not seen such innovation within the field of lighting since Ingo Maurer. Totally artistic.

  8. Rolf Dorf says:

    Great design, very inventive and fantastic usage of “dead” products; great way to stay green.

  9. Flora Diaz says:

    Elegant, ultra feminine!

  10. Carla Celestini says:

    Flora you said it, there is such an obvious femininity to this piece, thats why I love it so much; it actually in some aspects reminds me of the Fendi B bag from some years ago, the one infused with black lace over white leather, so girlie so sexy. I love this lamp and I love Lucrecia Moribunda! Femininity rocks!

  11. Rebecca Armand says:

    I just can’t get over those big black rosettes placed around the sides, just beautiful and romantic; this is such a poetic little lamp.

  12. Fernando Ibanez says:

    Yawn……this lamp isn’t so special..

  13. Diego Sanchez Diaz says:

    yea its jus alright to me nothin to write home about. And way way way to soon to bring up Ingo Maurer now come on; Maurer was crisp and clean and this junk is just rough lookin and like all rigid. Not worthy of so many comments geeeezzz

  14. Caspar Schustermann says:

    Friends directed me here to see this piece, I’m glad they did this is extraordinary decorative art.

  15. Massimo Cortese says:

    Breathtaking design in beautiful black; also clever project title, it translates from Italian to “The little giant from Bologna”. Thanks +mood

  16. Holger Hillermann says:

    Please stop the Ingo comparisons guys, this lamp is gorgeous but not Ingo gorgeous, I mean seriously show some respect, look at what Ingo Maurer has accomplished and how long he’s been at it; wise up. Great showcase though, thanks again PlusMood.

  17. Satoshi Yasutaka says:

    So this is it, I gotta say I’ve heard alot about this designer recently and their right, this lamp surpasses any concept of mere ”lighting”, this piece is brilliant and beautiful. I’ve never heard of this designer and cannot find website,anybody know who he\she is? Love from Japan.

  18. Pet says:

    I don’t like this lamp

  19. Giovanni Brocchi says:

    Beautiful lighting; Lucrecia Moribunda, lol,whats up with that design name?

  20. Teresa Amorebieta says:

    Oh my what a gorgeous piece of decorative art. “the dying Lucrecia”, hhmmmmmm…?