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• November 19, 2011

Guillaume Gentet was given the task of converting a 1 bedroom, 2 bathroom luxury loft apartment into a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom unit. The total area was also increased by 500SF from 2,673 to 3,073 through the extension of the upper mezzanine.

Guillaume Gentet loft 15 600x400 Luxury Loft Apartment Renovation \ Guillaume Gentet

Image courtesy Guillaume Gentet

+ Project Highlights
  • One bedroom, two bathroom loft apartment converted into a three bedroom, three bathroom apartment.
  • Original kitchen turned into a bathroom, laundry and office space.
  • New office space includes an electrical shade to conceal itself when not in use.
  • Former dining area divided to create two new kids’ rooms.
  • New re-­?oriented kitchen and living area leaves room for entertainment.
  • Expanded mezzanine and A/C system created children’s play area and guest sleeping alcove; adding more than 400 SF living area.
Guillaume Gentet loft 20 600x258 Luxury Loft Apartment Renovation \ Guillaume Gentet

Before and After - Layout plan, courtesy Guillaume Gentet

+ About Décor by Guillaume Gentet

With an evolving porfolio of completed work, Guillaume Gentet has conKnued to culKvate his voice as part designer-fine artist, craftsman and stylist wrapped in the sensibility of a builder.

Not only adept at direcKng construcKon, designing cabinetry, fabricaKng custom curtains and wall coverings, he possesses the clarity one needs to sort through hundreds of fabrics, wall treatments, antiques and other furnishings to make just the right choice for his clients.

Guillaume Gentet loft 13 600x400 Luxury Loft Apartment Renovation \ Guillaume Gentet

Image courtesy Guillaume Gentet

The Location:

65 West 13th Street (The Greenwich) is a full service pre-war condo in a prime Greenwich Village location. This 12-floor building was constructed in 1905 as a former Macy’s department store, and converted to luxury condos in 2001.

The 67 units range in size from 1 bedroom to 4 bedrooms, featuring open kitchens with high-end appliances, hardwood floors and up to 14 foot ceilings and large windows.

Guillaume Gentet loft 10 600x876 Luxury Loft Apartment Renovation \ Guillaume Gentet

Image courtesy Guillaume Gentet

Guillaume Gentet loft 12 600x876 Luxury Loft Apartment Renovation \ Guillaume Gentet

Image courtesy Guillaume Gentet

The Client:

A young professional couple with a toddler and twins on the way needed two more bedrooms and an extra bathroom to accommodate their expanding family.

Preserving space for entertainment and incorporating their previously purchased art into the final design were also priority.

The Renovation:

The former kitchen area was converted into a discreet office space and laundry room that opened into a third bathroom for the children. The dining area was divided to create an additional two bedrooms for the kids. The partition separating the children’s rooms was designed to be easily-removable for maximum flexibility.

On the opposite side of the loft, plumbing was installed for the newly-constructed kitchen. Next to the kitchen, custom cabinetry was built along the periphery of the living room. The lofted mezzanine was doubled to make room for additional storage space, the children’s play room and a guest alcove.

+ Project facts

Project: 65 West 13th Street New York City
Project: Renovated Luxury Loft Apartment
Design: Guillaume Gentet
Budget: $400,000
Original Square Footage: 2,673
New Square Footage: 3,073
Completion Date: June 2011
Contributing Professionals: Leonard Upholstery, Inc.
Target New York ConstrucKon & Fine Finishes

+ All images courtesy Guillaume Gentet

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