Thematic group exhibition: [global] Crisis & Design

• November 5, 2011

global Crisis Design Thematic group exhibition: [global] Crisis & Design

[global] Crisis & Design ver.1.0: Living in the Crisis Era, between Anxiety and Desire
Architects and Designers in New York City Team up to Develop Projects Addressing Currents Global Issues

  • Thursday, November 17– Saturday, December 3, 2011
  • Opening reception and book launch: Thursday, November 17, 6 – 8pm

The Institute of Multidisciplinarity for Art, Architecture and Design (IM) and Artgate Gallery are pleased to present an exhibition, [global] Crisis & Design ver.1.0: Living in the Crisis Era, between Anxiety and Desire. The exhibition is on view at Artgate Gallery from November 17, 2011 through December 3, 2011. The exhibition and publication make possible by the funding program for Next Generation Design Leaders supported by Ministry of Knowledge Economy of Korea and Korea Institute of Design Promotion.

Commissioned and curated by Changhak Choi, architect and founding director of IM, [global] Crisis & Design ver.1.0: Living in the Crisis Era enlists twelve New York-based architects and designers to envision solutions to issues of global crisis and examine its influence on daily routine. “We are living in the crisis era.” said Mr. Choi, “Environmental crisis, energy crisis, economical and financial crisis, agricultural crisis, ideological crisis in capitalism, crisis in the third world, housing crisis, …there are too many of them which we are confronting these days; from impacting on individuals’ lives to threatening great achievements of human civilization, and leading us to anxiety and frustration to the future in the end. Everyone struggles and makes great efforts to overcome the so-called crisis. However, a question remains: what is substance of the crises? Without being aware of the essence of the crisis, we would be just satisfied with being Absurd hero. We are standing on the line of unstable reality and incoming changes that we are unable to define. Such unconsciousness might lead to a major loss of confidence in human civilization. How can architects and designers respond to those imperatives with a profound insight? How are we able to look squarely at substance of the problems in the world with Deleuzian’s Desiring Machines beyond subjectivity?”

The exhibition features works from various fields: urban planning, architecture, landscape design, fashion design, graphic design and interactive-technology design. Each project offers a unique perspective on the issue of today’s global concerns, and furthers a debate on the various models of thinking about the definition of global crisis, from human issues to the built environment, and identifying substance to resolve the unknown challenges confronting contemporary architects and designers. All works by contributors are accompanied by dedicated website and SNS to encourage realtime discussion and dialogue on issues presented in the show.

[global] Crisis & Design ver.1.0: Living in the Crisis is an initiative of the Institute of Multidisciplinarity for Art, Architecture and Design (IM) and the first of a series of exhibitions focusing on topics in contemporary design, aimed at raising public interest and dialogue. IM is an independent non?profit organization that promotes advanced interaction in art, architecture, design, technology and other related disciplines in New York City. Founded in 2011, IM is dedicated to the speculative research and presentation of contemporary design practice, socio?cultural issues, as well as to identify emerging talents in arts and the diverse design disciplines. IM activities include organizing exhibitions, publications and international competitions; project research and development; and developing an online project archive.

FEATURED ARCHITECTS & DESIGNERS: The Team 12 6a+3f+1l+1g+1i
Jeeyong AN, Sang Hwa LEE, Architect / Taewook CHA, Landscape Architect / Yuyeon CHO, Graphic & Interactive designer / Changhak CHOI, Architect / Hyojin CHOI, Footwear Designer / Gahee HA, Fashion Designer/ Eun Ki KANG, Da Yeon KIM and Jeeun Grace LEE, Architect / Dongil KIM, Seojoo LEE, Architect / Hongmin KIM, Architect / Jeewon KIM, Fashion Designer / Sue Gyeong SYN, Creative Technology Artist & Interactive Media Designer / Hangman ZO, Jiyoung SEO, Architect

The exhibition, publication and accompanying public program make possible by the funding program for Next Generation Design Leaders supported by Ministry of Knowledge Economy of Korea and Korea Institute of Design Promotion

[global] Crisis & Design ver.1.0: Living in the Crisis Era, between Anxiety and Desire
November 17-December 3, 2011
Artgate Gallery
520 W 27th St #101, New York, NY 10001
Tue-Sat, 10 AM – 6PM
(Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday)

A book, [global] Crisis & Design ver.1.0, Anxiety and Desire, to be published in conjunction with the exhibition, contains a series of essays addressing the global crisis, as well as full statements from the exhibition contributors to further discuss their work. The publication offers yet another way of looking at the crisis that designers face, and documents the ways in which designers deal with the public concerns. The book also reframes the question and definition of global crisis in context of various scale and angles of worldview.

A dedicated website will be launched on November 15, 2011. The website will include video animation featuring a project overview; documenting of process; and filmed interviews with designers.

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