The World According to Kapow Wow!

• December 15, 2011

KAPOW WOW Fringe neckpiece The World According to Kapow Wow!


There are many things that inspire many different people. The latest offering from Mia Morikawa draws from a number of influencing factors including mountains and canyons. The young graduate creates stunning designer jewellery from her home in India in a range of different materials. The designer founded her brand, Kapow Wow!, after creating pieces for her friends whilst completing a Graphic Design course. After demand increased she found the confidence to set up her own company selling her stunning creations.

It is rare to come across a brand that seems to take inspiration from so many different places. She is a self-professed warrior of beauty who takes inspiration from natural structures and emotional landscapes. This certainly comes through in her work which compliments clothing in its multidimensional form. The label mainly produces constructed textile pieces which are exquisitely crafted with care and attention to detail. The pieces would accent any jumper or designer dress, whether casual or smart. They are simple, yet offer a structural complexity, which is hard to create and find. The items fashioned by her were at first intended to come under high impact party wear, but many of her pieces can be worn on a day-to-day and you will want to.

This designer creates truly stunning pieces, which should be seen as masterpieces.

Category: Design, Fashion

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