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• December 17, 2011

OOIIO Architecture recently has designed a housing project in Wurzburg, Germany. It consists of 15 sustainable apartment blocks, with 6 floor high each one, placed in front of a Second World War runway. The buildings are related with a famous landscape exhibition in Germany called “Bundesgartenschau” and special gardens will cross all the development.

OOIIO WURZBURG 01 600x456 Wurzburg Housing Competition \ OOIIO Architecture

Courtesy OOIIO Architecture

According to our observation that the individual is taking part in the public realm while being in a private place and the other way around being/acting private while lingering in public places, we propose a landscape of use that reflects this way of living of our contemporary society. These means that we basically take further the blur of the public and private and introduce it into the programmatic layer of the urban and architectural field. Therefore we take public functions into the house and private/housing functions into the urban field, placed randomly horizontal as well as vertical to create a spread web of happenings and overlapping platforms for the network society.

OOIIO WURZBURG 04 600x456 Wurzburg Housing Competition \ OOIIO Architecture

Courtesy OOIIO ArchitectureOOIIO

The house becomes city and the city becomes a house.

Based on individualization we propose a form of housing that combines today’s aspects of the generic city with contemporary needs for individual housing. Therefore we start to look and to program the house from the individual to the public functions, zooming from the inside to the outside going along with Josef Frank’s theory of a pluralism – non-standardized – housing typology. Therefore we develop a variety of housing plans to create the most possible diversity of ways of living. Thus intentionality build structures and our lived-relations exist in this correlation.

OOIIO WURZBURG 10 600x456 Wurzburg Housing Competition \ OOIIO Architecture

Courtesy OOIIO ArchitectureOOIIO

To generate diverse program we mix public and private functions almost randomly and spread it according to the theory of the generic city, that there are ‘huge amounts of evidence for and against each hypothesis’ of programming and that exactly this inconsistency proves the richness of the Generic City. (Rem Koolhaas, The Genric City). This means we propose a spread field of happenings and sensations along the former runway and develop a network of public functions nesting in the housing. In this way a multi layered society will be create in addition to a density of the historic city centre but layout a contemporary way.

OOIIO WURZBURG 03 Housing Plans 600x456 Wurzburg Housing Competition \ OOIIO Architecture

Plan, Courtesy OOIIO ArchitectureOOIIO

Green Building Concept. Is our way to ask for more space quality in housing and in the city, we also have the need to make this buildings affordable – sustainable in the economic way as well as in the environmental way.

So we chose first for more density for a more sustainable way of living in terms of using space. Further for our contemporary way of living – or even for our living of tomorrow – we have to rethinking of our way of living in terms of the use of our RESOURCES in relation to our demand for more. Since we, the more ‘me’ society , do not want to cut back on our comfort and even still ask for improvement, we need to define new ways of energy use to facilitate our treat in a sustainable way. To run the proposed urban landscape on a cero-energy-use we developed the illustrated green-housing concept. In our approach we understand green technologies as a technical tool to sustain our living.

+ Project credits / data

Project: Wurzburg Residential Project
Location: Wurzburg, Germany
Area: 14904 m2
Design: OOIIO Architecture | http://www.ooiio.com/
Project Team: Joaquín Millán, Nicola Knop, Jesús Reyes, Joanna Siejak, Ana Sánchez, Emiliano d´Incecco, Ana Mendicuti, Juan José Ortega

+ About OOIIO Architecture

OOIIO Architecture is an emerging international design team based in Madrid.Its mission is to create innovation and sophistication through Architecture. Its designs are highly contemporary and exclusive, providing answers to the complex needs of the XXIst century society.

Founded by Joaquín Millán, OOIIO‘s team experience has been acquired throught several years of architectural and sociological research and innovation. The members of OOIIO´s team has been directors, managers and/or architects at Foster and Partners, Toyo Ito, Rem Koolhaas, Zaha Hadid, Abalos & Herreros, Campo Baeza or SOM.

OOIIO Architecture is committed to an architecture that solves challenging needs, providing added value and offering new approaches to innovation in a global World.

OOIIO‘s goal is to redefine architecture by bringing cutting-edge ideas and providing one-on-one attention to clients, with whom OOIIO‘s team shares friendship, taste and passion for the arts, the environment, sophistication and innovation.

+ All images and drawings courtesy OOIIO Architecture

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