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• January 27, 2012

DOSUNO Complete Set  600x928 Open Tap Project \ DOSUNO Design

"Open Tap Project", image courtesy DOSUNO Design

Open Tap Project“, is the opensource laboratory for the development of sustainable furniture, designed by DOSUNO Design. They have created the MT 01 table modelET 01 shelf model ST 03 chair model for the “Open Tap Project”.

We are aware that what we have in our hands is but a seed, an idea. An idea which we have had the opportunity to validate through theory and empiricism.


DOSUNO Extended Table  600x665 Open Tap Project \ DOSUNO Design

MT 01 table model, image courtesy DOSUNO Design

The MT 01 table model is assembled without screws or adhesives due the angled cuts in the surface put together with the legs placed at 45 degrees. The structure of the table also gives a very definite aesthetic identity that adds aesthetic value to the proposal. The solution of the 45 degree fitting at the bottom allows for an easy conversion of height that allows the alternative to go from a coffee table to dining table.

DOSUNO Book Shelf  600x589 Open Tap Project \ DOSUNO Design

ET 01 shelf model, image courtesy DOSUNO Design

The ET 01 shelf model is easily scalable in all directions for an easy adaptation to multiple needs and to any space due to its symmetrical design and construction method. The perforations in the pipes allow the relocation of the shelves themselves. Since the system is kept up by weight and friction while leaning against a wall it requires no complex or permanent installation allowing relocating the furniture with ease.

DOSUNO ST 03Perspective Chair  600x459 Open Tap Project \ DOSUNO Design

ST 03 chair model, image courtesy DOSUNO Design

DOSUNO ST 03colour alternative  600x441 Open Tap Project \ DOSUNO Design

ST 03 chair model, image courtesy DOSUNO Design

The ST 03 chair model is based on a popular weaving technique widely used in most regions of our country. It requires no technical skills or specialized tools. This solution also generates a multitude of customization options (due to the existence of an ample color catalog in the woven materials) that would suit the personal tastes of users. This aspect of customization creates a great advantage for the user since they can adapt the furniture to their personal taste and transform it easily.

+ About DOSUNO Design

Dosuno is a multidisciplinary design studio, a well tuned machine that produces integral solutions to a wide variety of market and design driven opportunities.

We Design Stuff. We specialize in product design, adding value through concept and technical development. We exist in an interesting balance between style, engineering and culture.

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