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• January 12, 2012

5AM OSBox 02 600x400 OSBox \ 5AM

OSBox, image courtesy 5AM

This space was designed for a studio where several creative starting companies work together in an openspace office. They needed a space where they could retreat to brainstorm, informal meetings, presentations, … Because this building is situated in a busy shopping street, this design serves as a showcase for the various companies.

5AM OSBox 01 600x400 OSBox \ 5AM

OSBox, image courtesy 5AM

The box, which is fully constructed out of OSB (Oriented Strand Board), provides a clear partitioning of the space relative to the offices. The side windows were fitted with doors, to complete the cocoon feeling. By playing with these openings, each user can assign its own function to it. On the other side are two large sliding whiteboards.

Behind these doors are hidden closets including a small refrigerator.

5AM OSBox 07 600x400 OSBox \ 5AM

OSBox, image courtesy 5AM

The furniture, specially designed for this project is a combination of a conference table and a seating element. By playing with different setups every desired function can be created.

5AM OSBox 04 600x400 OSBox \ 5AM

OSBox, image courtesy 5AM

Given the floor in the building is 1 meter higher than the street level, stairs were created which also serve as a showcase & facilitates the viewing of passers-by. On top of these steps different OSB boxes are placed, one for each company, in which every starter can do his own thing.

5AM OSBox 11 600x400 OSBox \ 5AM

OSBox, image courtesy 5AM

+ Project facts

Project: OSBox
Design: 5AM | http://www.fiveam.be/
Description: Design of brainstorm box for creative starters
Completion: December 2011
Address: Leiestraat 24, 8500 Kortrijk, Belgium

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