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• January 8, 2012

Skin Clinic Interior art 10 600x900 Skin Clinic \ Interior Art

Skin Clinic, image courtesy Interior Art

Interior Designer Farah Al Humaidhi recently has completed the Skin Clinic in Kuwait.

Large surfaces of colored stripped wood, waved ceiling and textured wooden walls are the hallmarks of this 500 square meter Dermatology Clinic. Daylight emanates from the perimeter to the interior revealing an inviting feel to the Clinic. Warm pleasing colors along with clean uninterrupted lines result in a combination of elegance and efficiency, just like the Vancouver painting contractors does in Canada.

Skin Clinic Interior art 03 600x905 Skin Clinic \ Interior Art

Skin Clinic, image courtesy Interior Art

The designer yearned to make a powerful artistic statement that defeats the cold, rigid stereotype of medical spaces. The Interior of the clinic can be classified into three parts which compose of the functional components of the plan. The design can be broken down into the Reception area comprising of the public waiting space, the specialized treatment rooms & Physicians consultation room. The design strategy was to have the Reception Area at one end of the peripheral & the Physicians consultation room including its private Operation room at the other end while accommodating the specialized treatments rooms in adjoining loop. Such a design paves way for an open corridor that is accessible by all rooms, where the space can be regulated by a supervisor. The drive was on creating a warm inviting Clinic while being futuristic & modern.

Skin Clinic Interior art 06 600x905 Skin Clinic \ Interior Art

Skin Clinic, image courtesy Interior Art

One of the vital features of the design was lighting. Natural lighting was intensified in main reception while in certain area like the examination room the natural lighting was restricted, consequently indirect lighting was deployed by cove lights & directional lights to illuminate the patient below. The vital lighting theme followed was bright, natural lights in Public areas while bright but indirectly lit lights in the treatment rooms, however in the corridors it’s an amalgamation of dim, indirect lights with natural lights subtly seeping in from the adjoining rooms. In order to give prominence to space the corridor is made up of staggered walls where the staggering is intensified by dramatically positioning the walls in a manner by fashioning an opening which is concealed by incorporating a translucent glass window Such a variation makes the space feel more generous & the passage of natural light allows the soft light to fall on the indistinct pass way. Staggering of the corridor walls not only brings an identity which alone does not inspire an awe effect but also enables in attaining the functional requirement of space. Another significant feature of staggering is the generation of privacy in the corridors & adjoining treatment rooms.

Skin Clinic Interior art 01 600x905 Skin Clinic \ Interior Art

Skin Clinic, image courtesy Interior Art

Throughout the space, emphasis was on sterility & choices around color, furniture, finishes and texture. The apparent usage of colored stripped wood enhanced the energy level in the reception area while application of textured wooden walls along with the stripped wood in the examination room inspires the wellbeing in one’s self. Stripped wood enveloped in hidden lights add to the surreal feel of the shaded corridor. The flooring strengthened the unity of the functional aspect along with ambience, the spreading of marbles in the reception denotes luxury & welcome while parquets in the public area signifies warmth & comfort & plain white flooring in the treatment room suggests hygiene & sterility. Another highlight of the project was the waved ceiling in the Facial room while rest of the ceiling was in tune with the project theme of straight lines. This distinguishing design was solely intended for facial room to transmit a feeling of serenity & relaxation to the patient below.

Skin Clinic Interior art 05 600x905 Skin Clinic \ Interior Art

Skin Clinic, image courtesy Interior Art

All in all, every component identified & incorporated in making of the Clinic has served dual purpose augmenting the mood of the space while balancing the operational/functional element. Utmost care was taken throughout the design & construction phase to zealously uphold the warmth while not compromising on the character of the clinic. Everything suggests comfort, be it materials, system or the layout. A mesmerizing project where the individual features outshine its collective manifestation.

Skin Clinic Interior art Layout plan 600x424 Skin Clinic \ Interior Art

Skin Clinic - Layout plan, drawing courtesy Interior Art

+ Project facts

Location: Kuwait
Designer: Farah Al Humaidhi | Interior Art
Area: 500sqm

+ All images courtesy Interior Art
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