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• January 28, 2012

AQSO arquitectos office has designed the high density residential complex in Guangyuan, China.

Spliced Towers 76 AQSO 600x300 Spliced Towers \ AQSO arquitectos office

Spliced Towers, render courtesy AQSO arquitectos office

The project is conceived as a strong element in consonance with the surrounding hilly scene. The buildings rise over the landscape becoming a milestone, a sober and expressive landmark solving the program requirements: archive the desired plot ratio and increase the green area by minimizing the building footprint.

Spliced Towers 77 AQSO 600x247 Spliced Towers \ AQSO arquitectos office

Spliced Towers - Massing idea, drawing courtesy AQSO arquitectos office

Spliced Towers 80 AQSO 600x300 Spliced Towers \ AQSO arquitectos office

Spliced Towers, render courtesy AQSO arquitectos office

The Southern side of the plot has a strong residential character, blocks orientated North-South within a park where the public facilities are located. On the other hand the Northern side is conceived as an urban atmosphere where four main towers are located on top of a commercial podium, establishing a mutual relation with the rest of the city.

Spliced Towers 78 AQSO 600x441 Spliced Towers \ AQSO arquitectos office

Spliced Towers - Facade detail, drawing courtesy AQSO arquitectos office

The overall building façade combines a domestic and sober feeling. The residential blocks highlight the horizontal disposition of the floor slabs, between which is located a permeable skin made of sliding louvers. The vertical and monolithic presence of the towers is reinforced by an irregular wood and stone cladding.

Spliced Towers 81 AQSO 600x424 Spliced Towers \ AQSO arquitectos office

Spliced Towers - Master layout plan, drawing courtesy AQSO arquitectos office

In contrast to the rational layout of the blocks, the green areas are treated with a flexible and organic circulation. Several roads of different character outspreading from the center connect the different entrance points emphasizing the elastic layout of the landscape. The spaces in between are designed with diverse types of vegetation depending on its use.

In order to optimize the ventilation and natural illumination of the units, the block width has been fixed to 12.5m, establishing a comprehensive structural system for the buildings and the parking located in the basement.

+ Project credits

Project: Spliced Towers
Designer: AQSO arquitectos office (aqso.net)
Local partner: GP&D (Chongqing)
Engineering and consulting: LKS Ingeniería, S. Coop (lks-global.com)
Ground Floor Area: 110000 sqm
Location: Guanyuan, China

+ About AQSO

AQSO is a multidisciplinary office composed of an international group of professionals dedicated to contemporary architecture, urban planning and cultural research. Their philosophy combines a rigorous and pragmatic approach with an innovative attitude.

Based in Spain and China, the office approaches every project with an ambitious methodology that investigates and analyzes social, economic, technical and sustainable issues. Their ability covers a wide range of types and scales, from public, commercial and residential buildings to town planning and urbanism.

AQSO understands architecture as a multidisciplinary process, a comprehensive approach beyond living spaces, a method in cooperation with different professionals and consultants to become the coherent nexus between imagination and reality.

Their team has the international vision, experience, flexibility and ability to materialize each project from concept to site supervision.

The office is founded by Luis Aguirre and is an international partnership. The practice relies on a multicultural team of experienced architects working on an open cross-disciplinary collaboration platform.

AQSO has been awarded for several international design competitions including Europan 9 and the Self-sufficient IaaC contest. The firm has received several prizes for public and restricted architectural competitions in Spain and China, where the company is based.

+ All images and drawings courtesy AQSO

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  1. Kevin Daly says:

    Crazy looking from a distance but very nice in close up photos

  2. claude says:

    Population is huge in China, and the urban density so high! At least there are lot of green areas. Cool facade