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• March 14, 2012

AQSO fragmented house swimming pool 600x365 Fragmented House \ AQSO arquitectos office

Fragmented House, image courtesy AQSO arquitectos office

Arquitectos Office’ (AQSO) has recently completed the construction of the ‘Fragmented house’. The concept solution for this residence starts from a compact block transforming, after several divisions and shifts, into an external broken-down form, result of the arrangement of the interior spaces.

AQSO fragmented house  entrance 600x365 Fragmented House \ AQSO arquitectos office

Fragmented House, image courtesy AQSO arquitectos office

The house is located near Laguna de Duero, a town situated in the municipality of ‘Tierra de Pinares’, in Valladolid. The building is orientated facing west and distributed in two levels: living room and day use spaces in the ground floor and master bedroom upstairs.

AQSO fragmented house side view night 600x365 Fragmented House \ AQSO arquitectos office

Fragmented House, image courtesy AQSO arquitectos office

The form is conceived as a series of juxtaposed elements defining the different atmospheres and spaces. Therefore, the entrance is demarcated by two parallel blocks and another recessed one working as main access. The front part of the house, facing the garden, is marked out by the cantilevered block where the bedroom at the upper level is located, in contrast with the one of the ground floor. The rear of the house, where the garage can be found, is made up of several stair-shaped elements.

AQSO fragmented house dining room 600x365 Fragmented House \ AQSO arquitectos office

Fragmented House, image courtesy AQSO arquitectos office

Inside, the living and dining rooms are linked into an open and continuous space just partially blocked by a stone masonry wall and the freestanding staircase giving access to the upper floor. From the master bedroom, provided with a generous walk-in wardrobe and ensuite Jacuzzi, it is possible to access the roof, partially used as terrace with a small solarium.

AQSO fragmented house diagram 600x448 Fragmented House \ AQSO arquitectos office

Fragmented House - Concept, drawing courtesy AQSO arquitectos office

The façade is made by big scale matte ceramic pieces combined with stone masonry walls, inside there is a predominance of light colors in walls, floor, doors and windows.

In the front garden of the house there is a slender swimming pool with spa and an independent block facing the yard with a wide bay window to be opened and converted into a summerhouse.

+ Project facts

Project: Fragmented house
Subtitle: Single-family residence in Laguna de Duero
Location: Laguna de Duero, Valladolid, Spain
Ground Floor Area: 200 sqm
Credits: AQSO arquitectos office ( / PE. Pinés & Jové

Facade – Ceramic Keraben Belvedere 80×40
Floors – Saloni
Windows – Itesal
Swimming pool – Aqupool

+ About AQSO arquitectos office

AQSO is a multidisciplinary office composed of an international group of professionals dedicated to contemporary architecture, urban planning and cultural research. Their philosophy combines a rigorous and pragmatic approach with an innovative attitude.

Based in Spain and China, the office approaches every project with an ambitious methodology that investigates and analyzes social, economic, technical and sustainable issues. Their ability covers a wide range of types and scales, from public, commercial and residential buildings to town planning and urbanism.

AQSO understands architecture as a multidisciplinary process, a comprehensive approach beyond living spaces, a method in cooperation with different professionals and consultants to become the coherent nexus between imagination and reality.

Their team has the international vision, experience, flexibility and ability to materialize each project from concept to site supervision.

The office is founded by Luis Aguirre and is an international partnership. The practice relies on a multicultural team of experienced architects working on an open cross-disciplinary collaboration platform.

AQSO has been awarded for several international design competitions including Europan 9 and the Self-sufficient IaaC contest. The firm has received several prizes for public and restricted architectural competitions in Spain and China, where the company is based.

+ All images and drawings courtesy AQSO arquitectos office

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