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• March 28, 2012

Cafe KBTSushi Dining Mat 11 600x536 Sushi Dining Matsu \ JAM

Sushi Dining Matsu, image courtesy Jun Murata / JAM

The site faces the main street of the busy shopping district in Osaka Central City. The outer wall which faces the corner lot of the existing building is covered with glass, and has drawn the attention from the circumference. After calculating the efficient degree of lighting of daytime, and the height of eyes of walkers of night, Shoji, Japanese paper windows, installed carefully with setting back 50 mm from glass walls.

Cafe KBTSushi Dining Mat 600x930 Sushi Dining Matsu \ JAM

Sushi Dining Matsu, image courtesy Jun Murata / JAM

Movable Shoji can be carried out to right and left up and down, and it can adjust the amount of lighting to internal space with change of time and season. Unfortunately, though it is impossible to see the beautiful nature view from inside space, it can cut out the busy sequence in the city, and it has brought a kind of dramatic effect which is desired into the commercial space.

Cafe KBTSushi Dining Mat 06 600x758 Sushi Dining Matsu \ JAM

Sushi Dining Matsu, image courtesy Jun Murata / JAM

The refined interior space is released to the exterior in the daytime, and the space for the meal which covered the scenery of the indecent forest of neon and settled down, and a talk is directed at night. The shade of enjoying guests is projected on the screen of Shoji, the interest of the walkers who go back and forth is charmed, and there is an effect which invites them to the restaurant. The place of clean and quiet relaxation is directed in the miscellaneous town of night by making the expression of the new material of LED or fiberglass add to a traditional material called a bamboo, louvers and Japanese paper.

Cafe KBTSushi Dining Mat 04 600x276 Sushi Dining Matsu \ JAM

Sushi Dining Matsu - Layout plan, drawing courtesy JAM

+ Project facts

Sushi Dining Matsu
Osaka, Japan

Firm : JAM (Principal : Jun Murata)
Completion : March, 2012
Design : Nov.-Dec. 2011
Function : Sushi Restaurant
Project Type : Renovation
Structure : reinforced concrete frame
Site Area : 210sqm
Floor Area : 135sqm
Photo : Jun Murata / JAM

+ All images and drawings courtesy JAM | Photo by Jun Murata / JAM

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